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Spec Ops 2 release unlikely, “doesn’t look too great” says dev

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at 04:03pm August 13 2012
Spec Ops The Line PS3 Review

Spec Ops 2 doesn’t look something that’s going to happen any time soon thanks to some disappointing sales, with a Yager dev saying “it doesn’t look too great”.

Spec Ops: The Line PS3 preview – a horror shooter that’ll haunt you after the dust settles

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at 01:00pm May 25 2012
Spec Ops The Line PS3

We’ve all bludgeoned enough chickens to death in Skyrim and impaled too many city-slickers in Prototype 2 to get all sissy over videogame violence… right? Wrong. A couple of hours With Spec Ops: The Line and I’m already developing a thousand-yard stare.

Spec Ops: The Line PS3 preview – this year’s most traumatic shooter?

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at 03:34pm February 8 2012
Spec Ops: The Line

Now I wasn’t expecting that. I’m not talking about the city-levelling gunfight I’ve just had with a battalion of rogue American soldiers – 90-minutes with Spec Ops: The Line and stamina sapping shootouts are pretty much par for the course. Neither am I talking about the street that’s now choked with the wailing soon-to-be-corpses of my enemies, their life seeping into the surrounding sand, staining it a morbid shade of…

New Spec Ops: The Line trailer shows how to kill with sand

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at 11:44am December 22 2011

You’ll need a bus basically. And some bad guys willing to stand under it. There’s also some helicopter combat, lots of head stamping and plenty of cover-based shooting and sliding. The gameplay looks quite dynamic and lot more exciting that I thought it would be, safely nestling the needle in the ‘I’ll give it another look’ portion of my Give-A-Damn-O-Meter. (Other categories include ‘Christ no’, “I’ll kill you if you dissagree’ and ‘That’s someone’s career ending right there’.)

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