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Erin saves the world: An XCOM: Enemy Unknown story

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at 03:02pm January 14 2013

Richard Wordsworth goes to war with a secret weapon: his friend Erin, a non-gamer who knows nothing about XCOM: Enemy Unknown. This is her story as she watches her new space army life unfold on screen. “I like it. It’s kind of like I’ve been in a coma and I’ve woken up and someone’s telling me all this great stuff I’ve done that I have no recollection of…”

XCOM: Enemy Unknown 2 – our sequel wishlist

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at 09:51am November 8 2012
XCOM alien campaign

XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a near perfect game. A flawess balance of obsession-forming tactical depoth, accessible Saturday morning sci-fi presentation, level-grinding addiction and none-more-tearjerking emotional attachment, it’s brain-teasing, rivetting and exhilarating in equal measure. But note that I just said “near-perfect”. With sales having apparently been good (faith in humanity restored!) a sequel is (hopefully) inevitable. And that sequel can improve on XCOM. Here’s what I want in it.

The XCOM: Enemy Unknown Iron Man war diaries: A tale of love, loss, death, glory, and a lot more death

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at 02:26pm October 22 2012
XCOM tips don't move out

XCOM can be an emotional experience. I knew that going into this. It’s not just about the attachment you get to your longest-serving little action-figure heroes. It’s not just the anguish you feel when one of them dies, or the gut-wrenching internal struggle as you try to decide whether to resurrect him with a reload or respect the poignancy of his death. It is about all of those things of course, but it’s Just as much about the way that mistakes, last-ditch tactical inspiration and the luck of the stats can blend together on the battlefield to manufacture bona fide war-movie drama as glorious, painful and exhilarating as anything you’ve ever experienced in a cinema.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown strategy guide – 9 tips to save the world like a pro

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at 09:50am October 9 2012

Venturing into XCOM’s world of strategic, turn-based alien-slaughter for the first time? Feeling intimidated by the most sterotypically beard-stroking of genres? Don’t. Our primer tips will set you off like ET exterminating boss.

Xcom Enemy Unknown PS3 review – Middle management has never been so badass

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at 01:00pm October 8 2012
Xcom enemy unknown PS3 review

Funny how canny presentation can completely alter your perception of something. Underneath Xcom’s approachable, sci-fi movie exterior operates a precision machine of cold, hard maths, sharp strategy, forward planning and yet more maths. But layer said mechanism with a glossy coating of action-game camera angles, cinematic killcams and a damnably likeable ambience neatly straddling ‘epic’ and ‘schlocky’, and you can forget any hint of this being a stuffy beard-stroking affair.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown preview – galaxy-saving choices that make Mass Effect seem a cakewalk

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at 01:00pm September 13 2012

Before the days of focus testing, tutorials and learning curves X-Com: UFO Defence shipped with a 133 page manual, wantonly massacred your entire squad in every one of the first half-dozen missions, and was perfectly happy to let you make your own game-ending mistakes without ever attempting to set you straight. XCOM: Enemy Unknown doesn’t need a manual but everything else is exactly as we left it eighteen years ago.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown PS3 preview: shoot the alien, save the world

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at 01:00pm May 22 2012
XCOM Enemy Unknown PS3 screens

We get hands on with this XCOM: Enemy Unknown PS3 preview. If you want to save the world you’re going to have to organise it first.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown video interview

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at 01:00pm May 22 2012
Screen shot 2012-05-22 at 12.43.20 PM

We speak to associate producer Pete Murray to find out more about XCOM: Enemy Unknown and see the game in action with this video interview.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown release date and screens

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at 01:00pm May 22 2012
XCOM Enemy Unknown PS3 screens

Get to know the upcoming alien menace with these XCOM: Enemy Unknown PS3 screens.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown preview

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at 12:18pm March 7 2012

You’re going to have one of three reservations about this turn-based strategy reboot, XCOM: Enemy Unknown. If you haven’t played the nineties-tastic original series, you’ll wonder why you should care about an ancient strategy resurrecting itself on your PS3. If you have played the original games, you’ll be dubious about how it’s been adapted to the modern gamer – you’ll probably have words like ‘dumbing down’ on the tip of…

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