Outgoing editor Ben Wilson: Nine things about OPM I’ll never forget

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at 04:23pm February 7 2014
Ben Edge & Lita

Today is long-time editor Ben Wilson’s last on OPM. In his final piece as mag boss, he reveals nine of his favourite OPM memories – including Mr Bitey, his first 10/10 score, and what he’ll always remember as the ‘Rob van Dam tequila incident’.

WWE 2K14 roster reveal: Goldberg, Razor Ramon, more confirmed for WrestleMania mode

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at 11:34pm August 17 2013
Hulk vs Andre WWE 2K14

Take Two has revealed the roster for its debut wrestling game, WWE 2K14 – and only a Baby Oil rubdown from Stacy Keibler would do a greater job of making grap fans new and old happy. (Er, unless they were hoping she’d be in it.)

WWE Diva’s Mortal Kombat kosplay

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at 09:48am November 1 2011
WWE Diva AJ Lee Mortal Kombat cosplay PS3

It’s the day we thought would never come: former WWE diva Stacy Keibler dropping to number two in our all-time ‘women of wrestling’ rankings. (These may or may not really exist.) The new number one: a hot madam called AJ Lee.

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