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WWE 2K14 roster reveal: Goldberg, Razor Ramon, more confirmed for WrestleMania mode

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at 11:34pm August 17 2013
Hulk vs Andre WWE 2K14

Take Two has revealed the roster for its debut wrestling game, WWE 2K14 – and only a Baby Oil rubdown from Stacy Keibler would do a greater job of making grap fans new and old happy. (Er, unless they were hoping she’d be in it.)

WWE 13 DLC Pack 3 – which moves go with which wrestler?

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at 05:39pm January 11 2013
wwe 13 dlc

WWE 13 DLC pack 3 has just hit PSN – and if you want to know which moves from the new Moves Pack go with which superstar, then read on.

WWE 13 DLC release date is 4th December

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at 03:43pm November 28 2012
WWE 13: Ryback

Good news, Ryback fans: wrestling’s newest main eventer will be winging his way to PS3 for the first time in WWE 13 next week.

WWE 13 Universe 3.0 Masterclass tips video

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at 11:55am November 19 2012
WWE 13 Universe mode screenshots

New to WWE 13? Then here’s an hour’s worth of hints and tips for Universe Mode 3.0, where you get to be Vince McMahon with slightly less grey hair. Make your own shows, put on your own title matches, and become the best damn booker in (virtual) wrestling history with our masterclass.

WWE 13 gameplay livestream – watch this year’s grappler in action

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at 02:44pm November 2 2012
WWE 13 Universe mode screenshots

Here’s Ben and Mieks to play some WWE13. I don’t really know much about wrestling so I’ll leave it up to them to explain what’s going on.

WWE 13 – Attitude Era mode’s best wrasslin’ moments

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at 10:25am November 2 2012
Rock vs Mankind - I Quit

THQ’s wrassler has one of the finest career modes we’ve ever seen in a sports game. You can read our gushing praise of the game’s take on the Attitude Era in our WWE 13 PS3 review. But for now, lets all raise a Steveweiser as we look at the best bird-flipping, eyebrow-raising, hell-raising matches from WWE 13′s Attitude Era mode.

WWE 13 PS3 review – Grappler goes old-school for a mega main event

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at 05:00pm October 30 2012
WWE 13 ps3 preview Sheamus

NO! NO! NO! Where in the blue hell is Daniel Bryan’s hairy, goatlike hairy face-garden? The recent breakthrough star’s beard is way too kempt in WWE 13. Which is strange, because in every other way, this suplexfest offers the most accurate, slavishly detailed wrasslin’ fan service you’ve ever seen. It’s also got the Attitude of a ten-time undisputed champ.

WWE 13 trophies makes silver gold, hide lots of secrets

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at 12:55pm October 24 2012
WWE 13 ps3 preview Sheamus

Brilliantly the first WWE 13 silver trophy is called ‘Gold Standard’. How hard would it have been to switch that around? Anyway, 48 in total. The majority are bronze and there are also 14 secret ones. Ooooh.

WWE 13 Universe screens let you play the game your way

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at 11:23am October 10 2012
WWE 13 Universe mode screenshots

THQ have released some WWE 13 screens for the returning Universe Mode. The tweaked mode includes Create a Show options and Create a Pay-Per-View mode as well as stats and 200 new storyline feuds.

WWE 13′s creative director on how old video cassettes helped create a modern wrestling game

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at 01:00pm September 12 2012
WWE 13 Mike Tyson screens

WWE 13 creative director Bryan Williams has been speaking about the research process for THQ’s latest installment, including the level of research involved in creating an authentic old school Attitude experience.

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