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Monday’s PS3 video round up

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at 02:43pm January 16 2012

And on the seventh day he did create man, Skyrim heroes doing their best Ezio impressions and Cold War soldiers murdering hundred year old snipers for a gold Trophy. Yes, it has to be time for this week’s video round up. Apart from the random visual goings on we’ve just informed you about, there’s also Saint’s Row The Third sneaky car customisation tips, table-borking ultra suplexes in WWE 12 and…

Access episode 10 on YouTube now

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at 11:03am November 25 2011
PlayStation Access

The tenth episode of Access is up on Youtube. This week they’ve a look at WWE 12, Rainbow 6: Patriots and an interview with Lego Harry Potter: Years 5-7 director Arthur Parsons. They’re also prepping for their game of the year awards with a great video round up that shows you just how good 2011 has been, and have a look at this year’s GT Academy, including current champ Jann Mardenborough not at all…

WWE 12 review

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at 12:22pm November 23 2011
wwe 12 2

For the first time in 12 years, there’s no Smackdown coming to PlayStation this Christmas. Except there will be, really – because while the name of the biggest grap game in the business has changed, under the surface this is still the natural successor to Smackdown vs Raw 2011. It does a load of great new stuff, but is still weighed down by some nagging flaws.

PlayStation Trophy news this week 23/11/11

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at 12:04pm November 23 2011
Final Fantasy XIII-2 Serah

This week in the world of PlayStation trophies, we catch a leaked glimpse at some of the cups available in Final Fantasy XIII-2, the smack gets well and truly laid down on the WWE ’12 trophy cabinet, and we have a top tip for having 12 murderous dates with Calendar Man in Batman: Arkham City.

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