wolfenstein the new order screens

Wolfenstein The New Order screens – bringing shotguns to a mech fight

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at 11:37am February 25 2014
Wolfenstein the new order ps4 screens

You can find out what we think of the gameplay in our Wolfenstein The New Order hands on but if you want a good look at the game itself then here are a few screens focusing on big guns and robots.

New Wolfenstein: The New Order PS4 screens – big armour, bigger guns

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at 12:26pm August 6 2013
wolfenstein screens

Here’s a bunch of fresh Wolfenstein: The New Order in super-wide-o vision because Nazi’s have a narrow field of view or something.

Wolfenstein The New Order screens – releasing on PS4 & PS3 at the end of the year

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at 05:52pm May 28 2013

Here are some nice looking screenshots for Wolfenstein The New Order which is heading to PS4 and PS3. Key words here: big angry robots, huge guns. This new installment sees William B.J. Blazkowicz returning but this time in a 60s set alternate universe where [insert deep b-movie voice] Nazis rule the world.

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