Warren Spector

Epic Mickey 2 preview – Warren Spector talks magical paintbrushes and The Power Of Two

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at 01:00pm July 3 2012
Epic Mickey 2 move

With the original Epic Mickey only available on Wii and not even a glimpse of the king of the House Of Mouse on PlayStation since Kingdom Hearts II, we’ve had no excuse to don a giant pair of ears this generation. But prepare your chin for that elastic strap as Epic Mickey 2: The Power Of Two arrives on PS3 this year, helmed by none other than Deus Ex creator Warren Spector.

Warren Spector talks up Epic Mickey 2 on PS3 and the chances of Epic Mickey 1 HD

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at 03:26pm April 10 2012
disney epic mickey 2 the power of two

Warren Spector talks to Official PlayStation Magazine UK about the changes that PS3 is bringing to Epic Mickey 2 and what he thinks about re-making the original Epic Mickey in HD for the PlayStation.

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