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16 new Batman Arkham Knight PS4 screens show what next-gen is really capable of

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at 12:02pm April 16 2014
Batman Arkham Knight 4

Rocksteady knows how to take a screenshot. Normally we’d file these Batman: Arkham Knight screens under B for ‘bullshots’, but having seen how representative previous Arkham games’ shots have been of the final version – and more importantly having seen Arkham Knight actually running in barely believable fidelty – we’re inclined to take these new snaps at face value.

Watch the first 30 minutes of Batman Arkham Origins’ Cold, Cold Heart DLC pack

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at 04:02pm April 14 2014
Batman Arkham Origins DLC Cold Cold Heart

What’s this new Cold, Cold Heart DLC for Batman Arkham Origins all about, then? Find out for yourself with this 30-minute video demonstrating the game’s opening half hour.

Batman Arkham Knight’s batmobile, new combat & gadgets explained

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at 01:01pm March 27 2014
Batman Arkham Knight screens

So what’s new in Batman Arkham Knight? Well, obviously there’s the car. But as well as that Bat’s has a range of new combats moves, ways of getting across the city and some fresh gadgets. Here’s a break down of what’s changed in Rocksteady’s new instalment.

Batman’s Arkham Knight a “new character developed with DC”, Paul Dini not involved

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at 10:59am March 27 2014
Arkham Knight

The big question hanging over Batman Arkham Knight is the identity of the titular villain, confirmed by Rocksteady’s Jamie Walker as a “new character” the studio’s developed in conjunction with DC.

Batman Arkham Knight in-game screens show more of the new bad guy

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at 10:28am March 27 2014
Batman Arkham Knight screens

I know what you’re thinking: these are bullshots. Having seen Batman Arkham Knight in action however I can clarify this is what I saw. I won’t tell you what I said when I realised director Sefton Hill was actually playing it and I wasn’t watching CG but it involved bad words.

Middle-Earth Shadow Of Mordor – TLOR tries a Batman route to becoming your precious

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at 03:04pm March 17 2014
Middle Earth Shadow Of Mordor PS4 screens

Ever find yourself watching The Hobbit or The Lord Of The Rings and wondering, “what would Batman have done?” Us neither. Yet on the evidence of an exclusive look at new Tolkien-fest Middle-earth: Shadow Of Mordor, someone at Monolith Studios clearly has.

Who are the villains in Batman: Arkham Knight? Known bad guys and & where the clues point

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at 11:51am March 11 2014
batman arkham Knight ps4

While we’ve yet to get the full picture for Batman Arkham Knight we know this: firstly a few key villains have been announced and, secondly, developer Rocksteady has a history of teasing clues in previous games. Has it already told us the line up of bad guys?

Batman Arkham Knight revealed – the villain, not the game

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at 05:10pm March 5 2014
batman arkham Knight ps4

Some of the Batman Arkham Knight coverage has already mentioned that Arkham Knight was a character not a clever play on words, now we’ve a shot of him. Looks quite Batman-y. There’s also Riddler, Penguin, Two-Face and a shot of Gotham.

Batman Arkham Knight screens star Harley, batmobiles & bad guys

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at 05:46pm March 4 2014
batman arkham knight ps4

There’s a bunch of Batman Arkham Knight screens from the official site showing Harley Quinn, a pre order bonus playable character, as well as the batmoibile and returning villains Penguin and Two-Face.

Batman Arkham Knight trailer screens – breaking down the finer details

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at 05:01pm March 4 2014
Batman Arkham Knight Screens PS4

Fresh from the Batman Arkham Knight trailer here’s a load of screens picking through the finer details. Have they made his ears longer? There’s also several good looks at the Batmobile and its tank with a jet engine school of car design. Harley Quinn’s also had a subtle facial redesign by the looks of things.

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