Saints Row 4 preview – prime candidate for new highs in sandbox silliness

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at 01:00pm July 1 2013
saints row 4 screens

An ode to the gaming odd couple. Where would we be without Ratchet and Clank’s bromantic bickering or the gruff Mr DeWitt saving lovely Elizabeth from a metal budgie the size of an elephant? In that fine tradition, Volition now brings us ‘superpowered politician meets giant mech’. Saints Row IV’s vehicles truly are every bit as crazy as the game’s deranged premise.

A Saint’s Row 4 dev explains why a super powered president is, “the right level of absurdity”

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at 11:56am May 23 2013
saints row 4 screens

Saints Row 4 has you playing the president of the United States… who has superpowers… during an alien invasion. Okaaay. While it sounds Volition’s sandbox series has simply waved goodbye to that single lingering strand of sanity. Then again as the game’s design director Scott Phillips points out: “When you think about it, a politician’s job isn’t exactly that exciting”.

Saints Row 4 screens show superpowered President fighting aliens

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at 12:36pm March 18 2013

Because sometimes you can’t make up a stupid enough headline. Saints Row sees the gang being “elected to the Presidency of the United States” and fighting aliens. Thank God we have the screens to prove this isn’t some weird cheese dream.

Saints Row 4 revealed with trailer & release date. Both mental

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at 02:53pm March 15 2013
Saints Row 4

The trailer’s mental because it’s full of superpowers and aliens and punching people in the balls. The release date’s mental because it’s three weeks before GTA 5. Good luck with that.

Saints Row: The Third review

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at 02:26pm November 11 2011
Saints Row The Third PS3

The fact that Saints Row: The Third is crazy is no secret. Madder than a tumble drier full of gerbils. But only after spending some concerted time in its nutbar world do you start to realise that it’s also bipolar. One minute it’s loud, exciting and the life and soul of the party, joyfully throwing you into a massively OTT set-piece. The next it’s near silent – almost bashfully looking…

Saints Row: The Third ‘The Awesome button. Watch naked ladies pile drive policeman

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at 11:09am November 9 2011

Honestly, you leave some people alone with a game for five minutes and the most unimaginable things can happen. All they had to do was capture footage of Saints Row’s Awesome Button – a magic ‘do everything’ trigger that hijacks car or performs combat moves in the move ridiculous way possible – and they come back with full frontal nudity, men in skirts and God only knows what else. That button is pretty awesome, though.   

Saints Row The Third trophies

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at 10:14am November 9 2011
Saints Row

The Saint Row trophies are up on PS3trophies.org. No spoilers as such, more confusion and concern with awards when you “Do your first nutshot AND testicle assault.” Nice. There’s a fairly good spread with plenty of easy bronze and silver to boost your score. Anyway see what you think. You’ve got a bit of time before the game’s November 18th release date.

Saints Row: The Third – The weapons

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at 11:07am November 8 2011
Saints Row The Third Weapons

Today’s Saints Row video is all about the weapons. From guns to missiles, rubber fists that turn people into human jam and mind control squids. Saints isn’t exactly aiming for realism. The keys words here are ‘really big’ and ‘really stupid’. In a fun way. 

Saints Row: The Third – an interview with writer Drew Holmes

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at 05:18pm November 7 2011
Saints Row 3 PS3

It’s third time lucky for Saint’s Row and we catch up with writer Drew Holmes as he talks up SR3′s story, why it isn’t GTA and striking that fine line between funny and offensive.

Saints Row: The Third – the opening mission

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at 10:59am November 7 2011
Saints Row the Third PS3 interview

We’ve got a week of Saints Row stuff heading your way with exclusive videos and access to the game before its November 18th release date. First up is the opening mission, a bank robbery that gets… interesting. There’ll be a new video everyday, so come back to see what we’ve got for you tomorrow.

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