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Amy Hennig joins EA “as creative director on a new Star Wars project”

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at 10:12am April 4 2014

Former Naughty Dog Amy Hennig has joined Visceral Games as creative director on an unannounced Star Wars project. Hennig tweeted the news stating, “This opportunity is the confluence of the 2 most influential experiences of my youth”. Hennig. Star Wars. Huge.

Dead Space PS3 DLC Awakened screens & info, producer says it’s, “What the hardcore were asking for”

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at 11:22am March 11 2013
Dead Space Awakened PS3 DLC

Dead Space 3′s new DLC Awakened is releasing on PS3 in March. After criticism that the more action orientated three-quel strays from the series’ horror roots, producer Shereif Fattouh feels this new content is what, “the hardcore were asking for”.

Dead Space 4 apparently canned, Visceral Montreal shut due to third games poor sales. UPDATE: EA are denying the rumors, “we have not released sales data for Dead Space 3″

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at 12:35pm March 5 2013
Dead Space 3 PS3 review & gamplay video

Update: Conflicting reports are coming in that Visceral Montreal hasn’t been shuttered. An American EA rep has apparently denied the rumour. The UK arm of EA has declined to comment. A UI design lead at Viceral Games has also tweeted the studio hasn’t shut.

It’s being reported that Dead Space 4 has been canned and developer Visceral Montreal (a branch of Visceral Games) has been shut following restructuring.

Dead Space 3 weapon crafting guide – 8 of the best guns you can make

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at 11:26am February 19 2013
Dead Space 3 bench pics1

Having trouble with those pesky Necromorphs? Sort out your killing power with 8 of the best guns you can craft in the game. Whether it’s crowd control, precision face-melting or something in-between, we have a boom stick for you.

Dead Space 3 guide – 7 life-saving tips to battling the Necromorphs

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at 10:10am February 6 2013

It’s not easy surviving in outer space when a race of undead aliens wants to eat your face, but fear not. We’ve completed Dead Space 3 and are here to share out accumulated wisdom: here be 7 top tips for not dying as you save the world.

Dead Space 3 PS3 review screens – now staring Elton John & Prince Charles

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at 02:00pm February 5 2013
Dead Space 3 ps3 review screens

Here’s a whole bunch of Dead Space 3 screens from EA to check out. It does look a bit like them doesn’t it? The latest installment sees Isaac dragged back to fight the necromorphs again, this time with a co-op sidekick called Carver in tow.

Dead Space 3 PS3 review & gameplay video – Scares on ice as series Necro-morphs from its roots

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at 02:00pm February 5 2013
Dead space 3 ps3 review and gameplay video

The Dead Space series is like Paranormal Activity. And not just because it contains, y’know, paranormal activity. Or Saw, if you prefer your horror movies full of flayed ribcages rather than the raw terror of a cupboard that won’t stay shut. The point is that these things initially make an unexpected splash because they do something different, either revitalising a genre or presenting it a new light.

Army Of Two Devil’s Cartel screens – some of these people have made bad life decisions

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at 01:01pm December 5 2012
Army Of Two devils cartel screens

I’ll get a brain tattooed on my bald head. That’ll look good in interviews. No, wait I’ve be shot to death by PMC mercs. Here’s a bunch of Army Of Two Devil’s Cartel screens that tell this story.

Dead Space 3 interview with Steve Papoutsis

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at 04:51pm November 22 2012
dead space 3 screens

Here’s Phil chatting to Dead Space 3 director Steve Papoutsis about the new game’s co-op, weapon customisation and the new Rig building system.

Dead Space 3 screens are full of new rigs, monsters & toy soldiers

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at 03:48pm November 8 2012
dead space 3 screens

Finally some new Dead Space 3 screens. Feels like I’ve been working the last set for ages. Things to notice here are an expanding range of suits, what looks like a new monster and some weird giant toy soldiers. Where have they even come from?

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