The Last Of Us video preview – we look over Naughty Dog’s latest

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at 05:26pm July 10 2012

Here’s Leon and Ben to cast an eye over The Last Of Us’ gameplay in this video preview. What do we think of the game, Ellie’s new look, the violence and more.

Watch Tomb Raider’s Camilla Luddington mo-capping and talking about crying

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at 03:50pm July 10 2012
Tomb Raider the final hours camilla Luddington

Here’s the first of several “Tomb Raider: The Final Hours” video things, looking behind the scenes of the game. This week it’s Lara herself, Camilla Luddington, talking about the process of playing the part.

Dead Space 3: 20 minutes of gameplay

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at 01:12pm July 10 2012
Dead Space 3 gameplay

Here’s Visceral Games studio Steve Papoutsis head with 20 minutes of Dead Space 3 gameplay. New Necromorphs, new locations and lots of snow, basically.

Star Wars Battlefront 3: 1 hour video

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at 01:17pm July 4 2012
Star Wars Battlefront 3

It’s probably more Star Wars Battlefront 3 than anyone really needs but there you go. Watch it quick before someone takes it down!

All the Move racing wheel info you need

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at 03:30pm July 2 2012
Move racing wheel

Check out this video tour of the Move racing wheel. Anton Mikhailov from SCEA’s research and development team talks us through various features like race tuned triggers, gear paddles and handlebar rumble. (And you thought it was just a fancy handle.)

God Of War Ascension video preview – can Kratos cut it again?

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at 01:00pm July 2 2012
God Of War Ascension E3 gameplay demo screens

Leon and Joel look over God Of War Ascension’s single and mutiplayer gameplay in this video preview and discuss what Kratos has to offer this time.

Watch Episode Access TV 39 now

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at 02:57pm June 29 2012

Metal Gear Solid HD Collection on PlayStation Vita heads up Access TV Episode 39 while Access All Areas this week takes us to LA for a Virtua Fighter tournament. Then there’s also the small matter of a Hollywood A-lister gracing the Access TV Bonus Level in the shape of one Nicolas Cage — who’s here to talk games and Ghost Rider 2. Elsewhere there’s a rundown of the latest PS3 news (including footage from a game about a murderous rabbit) and a roundup of the week’s best content from the PlayStation Store.

London 2012 The Official Videogame livestream

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at 02:12pm June 29 2012
London 2012

We’re testing some tech and killing a Friday afternoon by streaming Sega’s London 2012 Olympics videogame. Why? Because it involved lots of button pressing, looking stupid and probably swearing at some point. Sorry about that. Anyway feel to comment either here or in a chat window over at our Youtube page. (And why not subscribe while you’re there?)

The Last Of Us recreated in LittleBigPlanet

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at 10:48am June 29 2012
The Last Of Us trailer

Stop everything an watch this adorable/disturbing recreation of The Last Of Us in LittleBigPlanet 2. The short but sweet trailer is the work of someone known only as ClassicEvil.

Dishonored gameplay videos – stealth & action developer walkthroughs

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at 03:10pm June 28 2012
Dishonored PS3

Here’s are a two Dishonored gameplay videos showing a stealthy & more action orientated walkthroughs of the Golden Cat level, with co-directors Raphael Colantonio and Harvey Smith to guide us.

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