VGA 2012

Bioshock Infinite VGA 2012 trailer is all sorts of awesome

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at 01:07pm December 8 2012
New Bioshock Infinite PS3 screens

Here’s the new Bioshock Infinite trailer from last nights VGAs. There’s a new look Elizabeth, including a missing finger, and loads of skyline-infused combat. If it plays as good as it looks here then it is going to be amazing.

The Phantom Pain announced, might be Metal Gear Solid 5

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at 12:47pm December 8 2012

A completely new game The Phantom Pain was announced at last night’s VGAs and the whole thing’s so loaded with Metal Gear Solid 5 clues it’s almost embarrassing.

Bioshock Infinite teases seconds of new footage. W00t

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at 10:50am December 5 2012
Bioshock Infinite

Looks like the VGAs are really milking it this year. Prepare your fragile little hearts for seven whole seconds of Bioshock Infinite. I know, calm down.

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