Unit 13

My favorite PS Vita game: Unit 13

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at 04:03pm February 20 2012
Unit 13

Here’s the first of a series of videos where Team OPM pick their favorite PS Vita game (you see how the title did its job there?). Today sees staff writer Phil Iwaniuk singing the praises of Unit 13 and its terrorist bothering shooter thrills. 

PS Vita launch games reviews round up

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at 03:48pm February 13 2012
ps vita launch games reviews round up

PS Vita’s UK Feb 22 launch day is just around the corner. To celebrate the most powerful handheld in the history of all things, we’ve reviewed the majority of Vita’s launch titles right in the heck now. From a gushing Uncharted: Golden Abyss review to surprising verdicts for Little Deviants and ModNation Racers: Road Trip, our PS Vita launch games review round up has all your portable-purchasing bases covered.

Unit 13 PS Vita review – Terrorists, shooting and… no yawning? A miracle!

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at 02:38pm February 13 2012
Unit 13 PS Vita SOCOM dev Zippers new shooter

The genius of Unit 13 is it doesn’t try to take that glossy, cinematic action experience of a console shooter and give it to you on a handheld – instead, it takes all the best parts of mobile gaming and gives them to you in a shooter.

UNIT 13 PS Vita screens

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at 12:59pm November 23 2011
Unit 13 PS Vita SOCOM dev Zippers new shooter

Here are the latest screens for Unit 13 the new PS Vita shooter from SOCOM dev Zipper. It’s a cover based affair that makes full use of the Vita’s twin sticks as you sneak and blast through enemy bases and hunt high value targets. Your progress and stats are then compared with other players using Vita’s online service Near. It’s pencilled in as a European launch title so should have a release…

Unit 13 – new shooter from SOCOM dev announced for PS Vita. Looks a bit Metal Gear

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at 11:27am November 23 2011

The new shooter from Zipper Interactive looks very much like SOCOM, only without the other three squad members getting stuck on walls and shouting ‘I CAN’T DO THAT!’ whenever you ask them to shoot someone. There is two player co-op, though, so at least you will have someone to scream at when they open fire at a crucial stealth moment.

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