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Official PlayStation Magazine UK’s GOTY: Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception

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at 01:02pm December 23 2011

Despite the sky-high standards developer Naughty Dog set itself with Among Thieves, it’s no shock that its follow-up blew us away. What is surprising is that there was something of a backlash (admittedly a modest one) against what took your Game Of The Year gong in a landslide.

Monday’s PS3 video round up

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at 12:29pm December 19 2011

Break it down, you gravity-defying ancient tabby. Seeing a sabre cat cut an epic physics-failing boogie is almost enough to make us forgive Skyrim’s framerate woes in this week’s video round up. We’ve also got new a new trailer for I Am Alive, a Prototype 2 developer diary and Naughty Dog comparing Drake Deception’s main baddie to Bill Murray. She ain’t afraid of no ghost.

Uncharted: Golden Abyss preview

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at 05:28pm December 9 2011

Wow. We can only assume developer SCE Bend has been sacrificing fuzzy farmyard critters to that horned fella with the pointy pitchfork and stylish twirly tache. That’s the only way we can explain Uncharted: Golden: Abyss looking so incredibly handsome on Vita. Like Uncharted 1 on PS3 handsome. The game’s still ages away with a February 22nd release date but it’s already got potential GOTY written all over it. 

Mystery Sony Exclusive The Last Of Us hint in Uncharted 3

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at 10:38am December 9 2011
The Last Of Us Uncharted 3 hint PS3

Of course no one noticed it at the time because headlines about fungus weren’t important when Uncharted 3 came out. But, it turns out, there may well have been a hint in Uncharted 3 all along. Specifically a newspaper in the Pelican Inn with the headline “Scientists are still struggling to understanding deadly fungus”. Wanna see the video? 

PlayStation trophy news this week 7/12/11

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at 11:13am December 7 2011

This week in the world of PlayStation trophies, we look ahead to the madcap rewards available in Saints Row: The Third’s upcoming Genki Bowl VII DLC, bust some moves and cut up a rug for cups in Just Dance 3, and have a top tip for becoming a Dyno-Might Master in Uncharted 3.

Monday’s PS3 video round up

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at 02:51pm December 5 2011

FUS RO chuffin’ DAH! We’ve just discovered the entire reason for the interwebs existence in our weekly video round up. Namely, a wee Morgan Freeman-related Skyrim video that reaffirms that wacky circle of life. HARD. Elsewhere, we’ve got PlayStation heroes of all shapes and sizes toasting PS3 gamers, some virtual reality nonsense and Metal Gear Solid 2′s Raiden getting slices to pieces by his missus.

The history of Uncharted according to Naughty Dog: from inception to Deception

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at 04:49pm November 30 2011

In issue 64 of Official PlayStation Magazine UK Nathan Ditum sat down with Uncharted star Nolan North and lead game designer Richard Lemarchand to talk about the history of the series. From it’s inception, and through its development to the present day. This is what they had to say…   It’s a little-known fact that Nolan’s been in every videogame released since Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune.” Richard Lemarchand, the eloquent lead game designer of…

Monday’s PS3 video round up

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at 12:46pm November 21 2011

It’s that time again (no, not when you threaten to stick your head in the office microwave because it’s Monday morning). Instead, it’s time to view some of the funniest, most glitchy and downright weird PS3 videos the world wide ‘thing that comes out of a spider’s ass’ has to offer. In this edition of our video round up, we’ve got epic Skyrim dancing (no lag here, no sir), the…

Uncharted started life as “Project Big”, starred “John”

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at 11:51am November 2 2011

There’s a huge ‘making of’ feature in this month’s Official PlayStation Magazine UK. In it Uncharted 3‘s lead game designer, Richard Lemarchand sheds a little light on the birth of PS3′s favorite hero. He says work on the first Uncharted game actually started way back in 2005. “At this stage most of Naughty Dog were still concentrating on Jak X.” 

PlayStation Trophy news this week

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at 10:24am November 2 2011
Trophey tips help info

This week in the world of PlayStation trophies, we sneak a look at the rewards on offer in the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, our handsome hero Nathan Drake embarks on his latest adventure with a new set of silverware, and after a week of Grand Theft Auto fever we have a top tip for how to terrorise Liberty City by becoming a One Man Army.

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