Ultimate Team

Ultimate Team roster, items, points & currency transferable between PS3 & PS4

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at 01:00pm July 24 2013
FIFA ultimate tema ps4 transfer

EA have announced that your Ultimate Team roster, items, points & currency on PS3 will carry over to PS4 which I’m told is good news. Sorry, I’m the non-football guy I’m so I’m just going to let EA explain.

FIFA 12 Ultimate Team guide for obsessives

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at 12:52pm March 13 2012
fifa 12 ultimate team

Want tips for buying and trading players cheaply in FIFA 12 Ultimate Team? Then read the following obsessive monologue to find out the depths one man will plunge in search for a mythical black Argentinian wonder player… 

FIFA 12 is all-time highest-grossing PS3 sports game

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at 01:07pm January 23 2012
FIFA 12 Ultimate Team PS3

Cemented by its fifth week at the top of the UK charts, FIFA 12 has now outsold any previous FIFA game – or any other sports franchise in gaming history. It beat Skyrim to the top of this week’s charts at number two, Ubisoft’s Just Dance 3 in third, and the two shooters – Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3 in fourth and fifth respectively.  FIFA 12 might have made…

FIFA 12 Ultimate Team: ultimate tips

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at 12:31pm October 20 2011

Ultimate Team is the hot mode in FIFA 12. It enables you to build your own club by buying cards that represent individual players, managers, kits, badges and more, then take to the field with a side that’s guaranteed to be different to any other on the planet. These cards can be acquired in packs of 12 bought with in-mode coins or real money (from PSN), or from other users…

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