Ubisoft press conference round up – Far Cry 4, The Division, Assassin’s Creed Unity, Rainbow Six Siege and more – E3 2014

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at 12:27am June 10 2014
Rainbow Six Patriots

Microsoft and EA have taken their turns on the E3 2014 conference floor, now it’s Ubisoft’s turn to steal some limelight back. The Division, AC Unity, and a newly announced Rainbow Six game are chiefly on limelight-stealing detail, with showings from The Crew, Just Dance 2015 and more.

This Child of Light Trailer is the most soothing thing you’ll see today

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at 11:23am April 15 2014
Child of Light PS4

If like this writer you have a big crush on Rayman Legends & Origins’ distinctive visual style, this Child of Light trailer is your nectar. The game’s build around the same UbiArt Framework engine that powered the limbless one’s last two magnificent adventures, but unlike Ray it’s a side-scrolling RPG with an eye on Studio Ghibli’s output.

Watch Dogs delay “an important message”, says The Division developer

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at 10:58am April 15 2014
The Division new screens PS4

Ubisoft Massive’s studio boss David Polfeldt said that the delay of Watch Dogs was “an important message” to the industry, and “tremendously important”.

Resolutiongate continues: Trials Fusion is 1080p on PS4, 900p on Xbox One

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at 03:34pm April 14 2014
trials fusion

Uh-oh. Ubisoft has confirmed that Trials Fusion will run in full HD 1080p and 60 fps on PS4, and 900p 60 fps on Xbox One. You know when you hear a football result and you think to yourself, “Christ, someone’s going to get stabbed tonight”? This feels a bit like that, but with barbed message board comments instead of back-alley shivs.

Trials Fusion ‘competition’ trailer is full of screaming, crashing

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at 04:18pm April 11 2014
Trials Evolution PS4

Trials is coming to PlayStation, hooray! And there’s every chance Trials Fusion will be the best yet – hooray! Isn’t hooray kind of a strange word when you see or hear it this much in succession? This competition trailer for Red Lynx’s latest includes a lot of quite haunting screams, still more satisfying downramps and vertical jumpers, and a general sense of something very, very good about to happen to PS4 when the game arrives on April 15th.

Ubisoft Montreal is targeting 1080p for Watch Dogs on PS4

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at 02:41pm April 11 2014
watch dogs PS4 screens

Ubisoft Montreal’ s cinematics animation lead Lars Bonde has confirmed that the team’s aiming for “full HD” 1080p visuals for the PS4 version of Watch Dogs.

New Watch Dogs trailer shows what you get inside the £80 Vigilante Edition

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at 12:50pm April 7 2014
Screen shot 2014-04-07 at 12

Yep, another Watch Dogs special edition. Apparently Ubisoft didn’t feel that the Deadsec Edition (£90), UPlay Edition (£60), Special Edition (£60) and Standard Edition didn’t offer enough choice to the discerning consumer, so here’s another Vigilante Edition (£80, or £110 with the optional Downtown Pack). Still can’t decide which one to get? Why not buy them all? After all, a good quality game merch hoodie never goes out of fashion.

Assassin’s Creed Unity screen leaks, video pulled by Ubi suggests it’s real

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at 11:04am April 4 2014
Assassin's Creed Unity screen

A single screen of Assassin’ Creed Unity has allegedly appeared online from a video quickly removed by a Ubisoft copyright claim. It seems to show the same streets originally revealed in the announcement trailer.

New Watch Dogs trailer showcases Chicago, is very aware that GTA V is a thing you like

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at 10:01am March 28 2014
Watch Dogs Welcome to Chicago

Sometimes you just have to throw your hands up and say, “Here’s a new Watch Dogs trailer”. Today is one of those times. In the new vid, you’ll find a deeper examination of Chicago and its many hackable denizens. No, it still doesn’t look like the game we saw at E3 2012 graphically, and yes, it is very much like a GTA V trailer isn’t it?

South Park The Stick Of Truth guide – all the Summon quests completed

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at 05:47pm March 25 2014
SPSOT Summon Jesus

Need help finding all the summons in South Park The Stick Of Truth? Here’s a handy tips guide to find and complete all the quest required for Mr Slave, Mr Hankey, Jesus & Tuong Lu Kim.

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