MXGP release trailer is a good excuse to use a lot of mud puns

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at 03:51pm March 28 2014

… But we’re better than that, of course. Instead let’s simply say that motocross racer MXGP releases on PS3 and Vita today, and here’s a trailer commemorating the occasion. In it, you’ll find dynamic terrain, riders you’ve likely never heard of doing dangerous things on said terrain, and at least one elephant.

New Watch Dogs trailer showcases Chicago, is very aware that GTA V is a thing you like

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at 10:01am March 28 2014
Watch Dogs Welcome to Chicago

Sometimes you just have to throw your hands up and say, “Here’s a new Watch Dogs trailer”. Today is one of those times. In the new vid, you’ll find a deeper examination of Chicago and its many hackable denizens. No, it still doesn’t look like the game we saw at E3 2012 graphically, and yes, it is very much like a GTA V trailer isn’t it?

Call Of Duty Ghosts’ Extinction mode gets trailer

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at 10:40am October 29 2013
Call of Duty Ghosts extinction trailer

After Call Of Duty Ghosts’ Extinction mode screens leaked the other day it’s finally been confirmed with an actual trailer. So, yes, Call Of Duty Ghosts is fighting aliens, online at any rate. The mode sees a team of four fighting to install a drill to destroy ‘space bug’ hives as extraterrestrial hordes swam in.

Check out Thief’s PS4 gameplay trailer featuring the abridged burglary of Northcrest’s manor

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at 05:03pm October 9 2013
Thief ps4 gameplay trailer

Here’s a new gameplay trailer for Thief on PS4 showing the abridged burglary of Baron Northcrest’s manor to steal the Heart of the Lion before making his escape. Best comment on Youtube so far: “Honestly this game looks like a ripoff dishonored…might pass on it”. Bless.

New Assassin’s Creed 4 trailer reveals cast & new gameplay

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at 04:07pm August 30 2013
assassin's creed 4 trailer

More acting now as this new Assassin’s Creed 4 trailer reveals Matt Ryan as Edward Kenway, Mark Bonnar as Blackbeard, and Ralph Ineson as Charles Vane. Otherwise known as ‘some bloke’, ‘Wasn’t he in Casualty?’ and ‘Thingy… from The Office and Game Of Thrones. You know. Him.’

Beyond: Two Souls: Ellen Page & Willem Dafoe talk acting

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at 03:26pm August 30 2013

Here’s a new Beyond: Two Souls trailer with Ellen Page & Willem Dafoe dicussing the roles they play and other elements of the game’s plot. There’s also some new bits of gameplay including a some sort of sinking ship which you can add to the war bit in the ‘what now?’ section of the game’s story.

Official GTA 5 trailer goes live – watch it here & get excited

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at 04:26pm August 29 2013

Here’s that official GTA 5 trailer from Rockstar that went live at 4pm. You can watch it here and prepare an appropriate level of excitement in response. It’s exactly what you might expect: chaos, carnage, bank heists, cars and parachuting.

Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD reMIX PS3 trailer – looks lovely, packs in ALL the Kingdom Hearts

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at 02:26pm August 8 2013
Screen shot 2013-08-08 at 1.06.44 PM

Here’s a new trailer for Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD reMIX which is looking amazingly crisp and shiny on PS3 in high definition. The updated Disney / Square Enix crossover features full trophy support and new content comprised of Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, Kingdom Hearts Re:ChainOf Memories and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (which are apparently “HD Cinimatics). So a lot of Kingdom Hearts then. It’s out on September 13th.

inFamous Second Son trailer – PS4′s new hero’s just warming up

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at 12:09pm June 20 2013
Second son PS4 screens

Here’s an inFamous Second Son trailer for the new PS4 instalment of the series. I’m still not sold on Delsin as a “Native American artistic type with a chip on his shoulder” but I do like Troy Baker, and I love the look of the game a lot.

FIFA 14, new UFC & Madden titles, NBA Live 14 teased in EA Sports’ E3 2013 trailer

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at 12:34pm June 10 2013
EA Sports E3 2013 trailer

EA Sports’s E3 2013 trailer teases you with flashes of footage from its roster of next-gen titles – new Madden & UFC games, FIFA 14 and NBA Live 14. Expect a whole gym bag full of new info on all these games as E3 2013 unfolds.

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