inFamous Second Son PS4 review – Superhero sandbox leaves you sleepless in Seattle

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at 02:00pm March 20 2014
inFAMOUS Second Son PS4 review

We need to talk about inFamous Second Son‘s hero Delsin. No, really. A stern conversation is in order. Sure, we can overlook the constant graffiti, cocky quips and those times he inexplicably clambers along skyscraper window sills. But now he’s run away from his Akomish tribe and on top of that, smoke keeps billowing from his extremities. The only way you’re going to discipline him is by buying this consistently…

Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes PS4 review – Snake’s in the rain for brilliant but not so Big Boss prologue

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at 07:00am March 18 2014

You want to know how short Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes is, right? The answer falls somewhere between the length of Bilbo Baggins’ little finger and your average episode of Pingu. That’s the conundrum when reviewing Hideo Kojima’s oh so slight Snake teaser: how do you score a game that is unquestionably brilliant but lasts less than a Corrie omnibus? Assuming you’ve skipped ahead to that respectably sized digit, though, you’ll see I’ve clearly managed. Yes, this espionage appetiser is over sharpish. But for the time it lasts, the Phantom Pain’s prologue is better than the majority of full-length games on PS4.

Dark Souls 2 PS3 review – Things to do in Drangleic when you’re undead

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at 10:25am March 11 2014

Like haggis fritters smothered in Marmite, Dark Souls 2’s unrelenting difficulty isn’t for everyone. For those with a glutton for punishment, you’re in for a meal that challenges and nourishes like no other – albeit one that likes to hoof you in the unmentionables every chance it gets. Hold me, dear reader. This is going to be one bumpy, but thankfully brilliant, descent back into the depths of despair.

South Park: The Stick Of Truth PS3 review – Turn-based toon is no Mr Hankey

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at 08:00am March 4 2014
South Park The Stick Of Truth

Part of me was always a little nervous about this. South Park: The Stick Of Truth mixing the foul-mouthed obsession of my youth, with the cast-iron tropes of a traditional turn-based RPG. “South Park?” I’d wonder aloud. “Actual South Park? In an RPG? Surely this isn’t going to work?”

Thief PS4 review & gameplay – Brave but bare-bones reboot shows the strife of crime

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at 02:00pm February 24 2014
Thief ps4 screens

One half of you can take down the ticker tape. The other half can call off the firing squad. Against all odds, Eidos Montreal’s Thief reboot has managed to slink between nostalgia-flavoured excellence on one side and forumite-death-threat-incurring disaster on the other, dodging both to arrive safely at, “yeah, quite good.”

The Last Of Us Left Behind review – an excellent but all too short exploration of friendship

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at 06:00am February 14 2014
The Last Of Us Left Behind review spoiler free

This review is spoiler free.

I’d have been happy if The Last Of Us Left Behind DLC gave me a few extra hours in that world. A brief chance to experience new content, to relive and remember just how good it was. I wasn’t expecting this, in barely three hours, to pack in just as much emotion, impact and subtly groundbreaking moments as the full game. The length? The length’s an issue, but the quality’s undisputed.

Outlast PS4 review & gameplay – who needs a good night’s sleep anyway?

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at 11:35am February 4 2014

After what seems like years without a decent horror game on PlayStation, Outlast is going to feel like a gift to scare fans. A horrible, horrible gift. A six to seven hour take on Slender meets Fatal Frame crossed with that bit in Bioshock when you turn around and there’s a man behind you. There’s always a man behind you.

Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition PS4 review – Don’t play it again – facelift improves very little

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at 11:49am January 27 2014
Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition PS4 review

Let’s get one thing straight; if you own a PS4 and haven’t played it yet, then get Tomb Raider Definitive Edition. We awarded the PS3 original an 8 and stand by that – Tomb Raider is a supremely polished matinee adventure filled with action, drama and spectacular visuals. That the latter is the only noticeable improvement in this PlayStation 4 re-release is the main reason we’ve pulled the score down; there’s simply not enough extra content on offer to warrant buying the game all over again.

OlliOlli PS Vita review – Superb 2D skater never leaves you board

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at 12:01pm January 21 2014

Not to brag, but I just stuck the gnarliest 360 Inward Heelflip in virtual skateboarding history. Or maybe it was a Backside Shove-It. Then again, it easily could’ve been a Frontside Bigspin or a Laserflip, I’m not really sure. I’ve been playing OlliOlli obsessively for several days and I’m no closer to memorising the arcane terminology filling the in-game Tricktionary, which offers a handy guide to the left-stick rotation pattern required to pull off the game’s myriad stylish board manoeuvres.

Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD review – Has the redressed adventure made more of its looks?

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at 04:49pm January 20 2014
Assassin's Creed Liberation HD

Back in the day I reviewed the Vita version of Liberation. In short: I didn’t like it. It was technically shoddy, with glitches aplenty, possessed an uninteresting story, and shoehorned in touchpad mechanics for no Earthly reason. One of these issues has been fixed in this PS3 HD re-release – stroking the back of your DualShock will achieve nothing bar making you look a bit weird – and another is certainly reduced, with far fewer immersion-shattering technical issues. However: I still don’t like it.

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