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Tomb Raider hands-on: a whole Lara love for online? (Well… no)

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at 04:03pm January 23 2013
Tomb Raider online

Have the brains behind Lara Croft gone crazier than one of her island foes in adding multiplayer to the Tomb Raider series? Find out as we go hands-on with Rescue mode.

Crystal Dynamics: “Playing original Tomb Raider allowed us to understand the franchise enough to take the step we’re taking now”

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at 02:34pm December 14 2012
Tomb Raider PS3 screens

We spoke recently to Crystal Dynamics creative director Noah Hughes about Tomb Raider. Here he talks about how playing the first game helped the team shape the latest and why there aren’t any dinosaurs this time.

Tomb Raider Survivor trailer – new gameplay as Lara masters the art of not dying

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at 05:37pm December 10 2012
Tomb Raider PS3 screens

Not a lot to say here. It’s a mix of old and new gameplay showing Lara learning how to survive. Mostly by shooting people in the eye with arrows and strangling them. It’s definitely a strategy.

New Tomb Raider screens – wolves, fire and… wait, is that an actual tomb?

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at 05:31pm December 3 2012
Tomb Raider PS3 screens

Here are some new Tomb Raider screens showing off a few new areas, one of which looks suspiciously tomb-like.

Tomb Raider Survival & Deluxe Edition revealed: first image of the Lara figure

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at 06:11pm November 12 2012
Tomb Raider collector's edition

The first image of the Tomb Raider Deluxe Edition has appeared online showing off all the extras, including the Lara Croft figurine. The figure also seem to have been upgraded from 6 to 8 inches since it was announced.

Tomb Raider pre-order incentives announced: include exclusive levels, weapon and upgrades

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at 04:23pm October 9 2012

Square Enix have announced the first round of pre-order deals for Tomb Raider which is due for release in at the beginning of next year. There will be two version of the the game, The Survival Edition which comes with arts books, maps and DLC code and a Deluxe Edition which gets all that and 6 inch Lara Croft figurine.

Tomb Raider interview: “We knew we needed to change. Bows are sexy but the horse had to go”

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at 06:30pm September 13 2012

We recently had the change to chat to Karl Stewart, Crystal Dynamics brand director about all thing Tomb Raider. From coming up with the perfect reboot, treasures, bows and the horses you’ll never see.

Tomb Raider hands on preview – can it beat Uncharted at its own game?

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at 08:00am July 12 2012

Watching a young Miss Croft embark on the most traumatic gap year of all time was agonizing enough when someone was holding the controller – the youngster’s subjected to tortures that’d make Chuck Norris brace – but finally getting hands-on with Tomb Raider is an infinitely more extremity-numbing experience.

Watch Tomb Raider’s Camilla Luddington mo-capping and talking about crying

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at 03:50pm July 10 2012
Tomb Raider the final hours camilla Luddington

Here’s the first of several “Tomb Raider: The Final Hours” video things, looking behind the scenes of the game. This week it’s Lara herself, Camilla Luddington, talking about the process of playing the part.

Tomb Raider sequel already planned, “It’s not just one game”

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at 11:59am June 27 2012
Tomb Raider sequel

Speaking in interview Crystal Dynamics’ global brand director Karl Stewart was asked about Lara Croft’s future and answered, “I have to be careful because I know exactly where she’s going, It’s not just one game”.

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