Tokyo Jungle

Tokyo Jungle gets 4 new animals: giraffe, crocodile kangaroo & panda. T-Rex canned.

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at 05:47pm October 9 2012
Tokyo Jungle new animals

Shuhei Yoshida’s fave game Tokyo Jungle is getting a few new animals to play with. Specifically the above mentioned giraffe, crocodile kangaroo & panda.

Tokyo Jungle PS3 review – Good-natured but not quite house-trained

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at 04:21pm September 14 2012

Apparently the product of a militant eco-warrior’s cheese dream after a day at Longleat, Tokyo Jungle is the world’s first post-apocalyptic, multi-generational animal dynasty management action-RPG. It’s also a bloody multi-species combat sim and part-time bestial fancy dress sex-comedy. Admit it, you’re interested.

Tokyo Jungle gets a European PSN release

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at 10:39am August 21 2012
Tokyo Jungle Release Date

PlayStation C.A.M.P.’s worryingly bonkers animal brawler (complete with dinosaurs and boxing kangaroos) has been given a UK launch date and price.

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