WWE 13′s creative director on how old video cassettes helped create a modern wrestling game

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at 01:00pm September 12 2012
WWE 13 Mike Tyson screens

WWE 13 creative director Bryan Williams has been speaking about the research process for THQ’s latest installment, including the level of research involved in creating an authentic old school Attitude experience.

New WWE 13 screens show off their moves

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at 05:01pm August 23 2012
7351Trish Stratus 1

Some new screens from the upcoming WWE 13 have just arrived, showing off more of the brawling and grappling we can look forward to when the game hits in November.

WWE 13 preview: WWE Attitude mode, community creations update

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at 05:00pm August 23 2012

Like The Rock, THQ’s annual package of suplexes and slams is back yet again – here’s what we happened when we put WWE Attitude mode through its paces, and quizzed the developer on Community Creations improvements.

WWE 13 preview: why the Attitude Era is all win

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at 01:43pm August 22 2012
WWE 13 ps3 preview Sheamus

THQ 3:16 says quit your whining about last year’s Road To WrestleMania and grab yourself a couple of cold beers to toast the new WWE game in style, because the divisive story mode’s failed its wellness policy and has been given an indefinite suspension. Its replacement? A campaign entirely based on the trail-blazing, eyebrow-raising, crotch-chopping, authority-dropping, beer-hosing, five-second-posing, uncensored-swearing, bra-and-panties-wearing golden age known to all wrestling fans as the Attitude Era.…

WWE 13 roster trailer exposes mix of classic & current wrestlers

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at 03:53pm August 21 2012
WWE 13 PS3 Zack Ryder

WWE 13 spills the beans on its roster of classic and current wrestlers in this brand new trailer. CM Punk, vintage Mike Tyson and a trailer park-full more await you.

Darksiders 2 PS3 review – The apocalypse gets it right second time around

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at 05:00pm August 14 2012

“O death, where is thy sting?” runs the famous cry from Corinthians. “Right here in this axe the size of a Fiat Punto,” replies Darksiders II, as its hero – the Reaper himself – swings like a steroidal Cuban at the hunch-shouldered monsters roaming the expansive netherworld between heaven and Earth, scattering them like a handful of chucked pebbles.

New WWE ’13 screenshots show Mike Tyson, Sheamus, broken ring

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at 04:56pm July 27 2012

Holy spandex, the latest screens from THQ’s WW3 ’13 have arrived. Highlights include a demolished wrestling ring, Sheamus’ nearly transparent pallour, and Mark henry’s entrance sequence.

Metro Last Light preview: A shooter that takes risks

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at 09:00am July 4 2012
Metro Last Light PS3

We’re not saying shooters play it safe or anything (we totally are) but the whole ‘ruined metropolis’ thing is getting as familiar to FPS fans as a walk to the corner shop, and most of the time it’s every bit as nerve-jangling. Been there, shot at that. Last Light’s crumbling soviet cityscape is a bit different though.

Saint Row turns Enter the Dominatrix DLC into full sequel releasing 2013

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at 01:06pm June 20 2012
Saints Row 3 PS3

THQ have canned Saints Row’s Enter the Dominatrix DLC in favor of developing it as a full priced title currently called “The Next Great Sequel in the Saints Row Franchise”.

WWE 13 Mike Tyson screens: ex-boxer thumps Chris Jericho

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at 11:29am June 19 2012
Mike Tyson in WWE 13

THQ have revealed the first look at Mike Tyson in WWE 13 after he was revealed via an earlier leaked roster.

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