Thomas Was Alone

PlayStation Access: Thomas Was Alone interview with Mike Bithell

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at 11:49am April 30 2013
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PlayStation Access catch up with Thomas Was Alone creator Mike Bithell to talk indie games, Danny Wallace, and securing a PS3 release.

Thomas Was Alone PS3 review – 2D platformer takes on a whole new dimension

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at 11:05am April 22 2013

Don’t worry, he’s not lonesome for long. After a couple of levels Thomas, a small, red rectangle, is joined by Chris, an even smaller, orange square. And then along comes John, the high jumping, fast running, yellow member of the group (and I mean that literally, it’s not an accusation of cowardice). And that’s not even half the ‘cast’ of this simple indie gem that was so well received upon its PC release last summer.

Indie hit Thomas Was Alone releasing on PS3 & Vita this Spring with exclusive DLC

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at 05:58pm February 27 2013
Thomas Was Alone PS3 Vita

Block platform puzzler Thomas Was Alone will release on PS3 and Vita in Spring featuring a new director’s commentary and exclusive DLC. The indie game has been almost universally loved on PC so it’s safe to assume it’s good.

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