The Witness

10 minutes of The Witness PS4 gameplay with commentary from Blow. Release date “sometime” this year

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at 11:47am February 17 2014
The Witness

Jonathan Blow has released a 10 minute walk through showing The Witness’ opening gameplay. As previously trailers suggested there are a lot mazes. Seriously, it’s all mazes.

The Witness teasing Oculus Rift VR support on PS4. “What could it mean??” asks Blow

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at 12:40pm December 2 2013
The Witness creator Jonathan Blow blogged images of the game apparently running a VR build

A couple of images have popped up on The Witness’ blog suggesting some sort of virtual reality or Oculus Rift support for PS4. Creator Jonathan Blow posted the shots with the header, “What could it mean??”

The Witness on PS4 lasts 25-40 hours depending on side quests. New screens & details

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at 02:30pm October 16 2013
The Witness ps4

Braid creator and Thekla Inc. founder Jonathan Blow has been speaking about his PS4 puzzle game The Witness. A recent playtest has revealed the “eight hour game” actually stretches somewhere between 25 to 40 hours depending on how much non-essential stuff you do.

Jonathan Blow on being a PS4 indie – “making a profit is not the number one priority”

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at 12:43pm May 28 2013
the witness

Here’s Braid developer Jonathan Blow talking about being an indie developer on PS4 and the priorities driving his new game The Witness. Apparently it’s not about money at all.

The Witness’ Jonathan Blow: PS4 “has faster RAM than a PC”. Downloadable games to be “bigger than ever”

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at 11:19am March 13 2013
PS4 - The Witness

Throwing a pretty large log on the fanboy fire, Braid and The Witness developer Jonathan Blow has been speaking about the power of PS4′s specs, specifically its speed and optimisation compared to PCs.

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