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The Walking Dead Vita released tomorrow in the US – new trophies & trailer

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at 03:27pm August 20 2013
The walking dead: 400 days PS3 review

Telltale Games’ community person Laura Perusco has announced The Walking Dead will be releasing on PS Vita tomorrow. There’s a trailer and a new set of trophies but no mention yet of a UK release.

The Walking Dead Season 1 releasing on PS Vita

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at 03:20pm March 26 2013
Vita walking dead

To be honest if you haven’t played it by now then I don’t see how we can be friends any more… Aaanyway. The first season of The Walking Dead is heading to PS Vita.

The Walking Dead Episodes’ writer Sean Vanaman: “I still can’t believe people like it”

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at 05:03pm February 21 2013
The Walking Dead PS3

The Walking Dead’s lead writer Sean Vanaman spoke to OPM recently about the surpirise success of Telltale’s episodic decompose-’em-up, and where the games succeeded where so many other point and clicks have failed before it.

Why The Walking Dead made you care about Clem explained with SCIENCE

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at 01:01pm February 7 2013
The walking dead

The Walking Dead is gaming’s Breaking Bad – everyone wants to recommend to those who haven’t seen it yet. The game’s emotional impact made it one of the highest scoring games on Metacritic and secured a shelf’s worth of 2012 gaming awards. Now a scientist explains how it literally gets at your brains.

New season of The Walking Dead planned. Telltale loves ‘having your brain for six months’

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at 04:21pm January 22 2013

We talk exclusively with the lead writer on Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead episodes, who confirms a second season of the virtual zombie adventure is planned. Read on to find out why said scribe also loves episodic content and prepare yourself for a big, fat spoiler concerning The Wire…

The Walking Dead Episode 3 finally shambles onto PSN

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at 01:14pm September 7 2012
Walking dead

Telltale’s gripping episode adventure series The Walking Dead finally gets its third instalment on PSN today. And if it’s anything like as good as episodes 2 and 3, you should probably go and play it right now. Yeah, just drop that thing there. No-one’s looking. Go!

Walking Dead Episode 3 release date: 3rd instalment out next week?

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at 03:42pm August 24 2012
walking dead episode 2 PSN review

The Walking Dead’s third instalment may be shambling onto PlayStation next week, according to a representative from developers Telltale Games.

The Walking Dead: Episode 2 PSN review – previously, on The World Wants To Bite Your Face…

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at 05:10pm July 12 2012
walking dead episode 2 PSN review

The first game impressed with its smart storytelling and consequence-driven gameplay, and while part two is slightly more clichéd and mechanically clumsier in places, it’s largely more of the same Romero-inspired goodness.

The Walking Dead Episode 1 PSN review

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at 02:19pm May 23 2012
Walking Dead Episode 1 PSN review 2

We face up to the responsibilities of the zombie apocalypse in this our Walking Dead Episode 1 PSN review. Is this episodic shuffler worth a punt?

The Walking Dead Blu-ray review

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at 05:11pm September 14 2011
Screen shot 2011-09-21 at 5.07.48 pm

As anybody who has ever tried cheating on their girlfriend with a zombie will tell you, walking corpses and love triangles don’t normally mix. (‘Why is there an ear in your pocket darling?’) But this AMC drama, based on the classic comic book series, does its best to balance real human emotion (beyond the usual knicker-wetting terror) with gruesome monsters and genuine horror scares.

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