The Last Of Us trailer

The Last Of Us multiplayer trailer – see the faction based fight for online survival in action

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at 02:03pm June 5 2013
The last of us multiplayer screens

After all the secrecy you can’t move for The Last Of Us stuff now. Here’s a trailer to better explain how the factions work and show off the four on four shoot outs in action.

New The Last Of Us trailer focuses on ‘death and choices’

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at 11:54am May 20 2013
The Last Of Us

Here’s a new The Last Of Us trailer showing new gameplay as Naughty Dog discuss the crafting system and the choices it forces you to make. Mainly whether to kill or not.

New The Last Of Us video – Meet the infected

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at 12:08pm May 7 2013
The last Of Us meet the infected

The Last Of Us’ creative director Neil Druckmann and game director Bruce Straley talk more about the Infected. Here they explain more about their origins and effect on the world they’ve destroyed.

New The Last Of Us trailer outline Joel / Ellie special edition contents

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at 12:24pm May 1 2013

Two new The Last Of Us trailers have been released showing the contents of the separate Joel and Ellie special editions. As well as the game, DLC and other bits shared between the two there are extras unique to each character.

The Last Of Us development trailer shows how Naughty Dog brought its vision of post apocalyptic America to life. (It’s mainly about the plants)

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at 12:00pm April 9 2013
The Last Of Us

Here’s Naughty Dog in another developer trailer talking about creating the world for The Last Of Us. Mainly it’s discussions about plants and lighting but it all looks beautiful. You can find out more about the surprisingly violent nature of the game in out recent The Last Of Us hands on and interview.

The Last Of Us red band trailer & The Walking Dead TV spot – new gameplay snippets

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at 11:54am April 2 2013
The Last Of Us Screens and art

Two new trailers have popped up showing new snippets of gameplay footage for the The Last Of Us. The first is the red band trailer (read: violent, adult rated) the second is the TV spot that aired during an episode of The Walking Dead.

The Last Of Us – Hush trailer reveals new infected gameplay & details

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at 12:17pm February 28 2013
The Last of Us

A just-released Hush trailer for The Last Of Us has fresh info on the the infected and new gameplay footage. Naughty Dog talk about the origins of the creatures, their behaviour and show off some in-game action.

The Last Of Us hands on gameplay video – hunting the clickers

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at 10:22am February 4 2013
The last of us hunting the clickers

Here’s an extended gameplay preview of The Last Of Us as Joel and Ellie hunt clickers in a dark, derelict mall. Leon talks to Nath about his hands on and discuss what turns out to be surprisingly stern survival horror experience.

The Last Of Us trailer – meet Tess / Annie Wersching

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at 05:11pm December 14 2012
The Last Of Us trailer Tess

Here’s a quick The Last Of Us trailer showing off some of the mo-cap process that went into creating new character Tess, played by Annie Wersching. That’s pretty much all there is to say. Go, watch!

New The Last Of Us trailer confirms May release date

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at 01:28pm December 8 2012
The Last of Us one to watch

The latest The Last Of Us trailer confirmed a May 7th release date at last night’s VGAs. It also revealed a new character Tess and, most importantly, horses!

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