The Evil Within

New The Evil Within trailer would like you to meet Boxman. Also: never sleep again.

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at 03:51pm April 9 2014
Screen shot 2014-04-09 at 3

Here’s some fresh gameplay footage of PS4/PS3 horror The Evil Within, and an introduction to a gregarious chap named Boxman, who conducts much of his social pleasantries with an enormous axe, it seems.

Shinji Mikami’s The Evil Within releases on PS4 & PS3 August 29th

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at 10:32am February 17 2014
The evil within

Bethesda has announced the release date for The Evil Within as August 29th via a Vine, along with the a pack shot for both formats.

The Evil Within new screens & art

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at 12:05pm January 31 2014
The Evil Within PS4 screens

The Evil Within has got a few new screens showing some more traditional scares in Shinji Mikami’s upcoming return to survival horror. They come after previous screens and art suggested a more shooter-orientated direction.

The Evil Within concept art suggests Mikami’s horror game might not be what you’re expecting

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at 10:38am January 6 2014
The Evil Within PS4 screens

New The Evil Within art suggests Shinji Mikami’s game might not entirely be the trad horror experience previously suggested by trailers and gameplay. Obviously potential spoilers if you continue so proceed at your own risk.

The Evil Within PS4 preview – horror has a face that laughs at bullets

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at 03:25pm October 24 2013
The evil within ps3

Shinji Mikami’s return to survival horror was always going to be at the fore of the revival populated by Outlast, Daylight et al, each dribbling their own brand of creepy down their chins as they wait in the wings. The Resident Evil creator wrote the rulebook for the genre back in ’96, then rewrote it again in ’05 with Resi 4. Is The Evil Within capable of making another cultural splash of that magnitude? Don’t rule it out. Seriously.

New The Evil Within screens & impressions – Mikami plays up to his Resi legacy

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at 12:31pm August 5 2013
The evil within ps3

My first impressions of The Evil Within was that maybe Shinji Mikami is trolling Resi fans, in a good way, with numerous nods to his past. Then there are the other references, though. Things like Silent Hill and Texas Chainsaw that suggest, just maybe, he wants to make a really good, proper, horror game.

The Evil Within screens & info – Resi Evil’s Shinji Mikami returns to his horror roots

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at 11:24am April 24 2013
The Evil Within PS3 screen

Here are the first screens and info for Bethesda’s The Evil Within, a new survival horror game from Resident Evil creator Here are the first screens and info for Bethesda’s The Evil Withn, a new survival horror game from Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami.

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