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The Elder Scrolls Online gets flashy new trailer & Imperial Edition… wait, pet mudcrab? IN

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at 03:24pm January 29 2014
The elder scrolls online imperial edition

So far the The Elder Scrolls Online Imperial Edition is only officially available on PC but an Amazon leak outed the PS4 version this morning so, yay, pet crab. Filthy creatures etc. Other extras include a foot tall statue of Molag Bal. To celebrate there’s an eight minute cinematic trailer showing bad things happening to good people. Which is Tamriel all over.

The Elder Scrolls Online gets PS4 FAQ & screens, promises “years of post-launch content”

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at 03:37pm January 28 2014
The elder scrolls online PS4

Matt Firor, the game director for The Elder Scrolls Online, has answered some key questions for the PS4 version. Topics such as PS Plus requirements, HDD space, betas, control changes and servers all get a going over. Not always in huge detail but it’s a start.

The Elder Scrolls Online gets PvP trailer & June release date

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at 10:29am December 12 2013
the elder scrolls online ps4

Bethesda has confirmed a June release date for The Elder Scrolls Online on PS4 and shown off a new trailer full of PvP action. Unsurprisingly it’s a lot of stern people with pointy ears trying to kill each other.

Why The Elder Scrolls Online on PS4 is an endless adventure that makes Skyrim look small

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at 10:52am October 8 2013
the elder scrolls online ps4

If you’re going to spend over 150 hours staring at a character, they need to look amazing. Thankfully, character creation in The Elder Scrolls Online is a vast improvement on the creased fizzogs of Skyrim. We start our hands-on by trying to make a handsome Dark Elf – something of an impossibility in the previous Elder Scrolls games – and ESO’s mix of sliders and scales proves pleasingly simple.

The Elder Scrolls Online coming to PS4. Spring 2014 release date, beta first on PlayStation

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at 04:00am June 11 2013
The Elder Scrolls online

Sony have announced The Elder Scrolls Online will be releasing on PS4 in Spring 2014 and will receive an exclusive PlayStation beta first. The Zenimax Online Studios developed game is an MMO built around Bethersda’s famous RPG series.

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