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Watch Dogs delay “an important message”, says The Division developer

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at 10:58am April 15 2014
The Division new screens PS4

Ubisoft Massive’s studio boss David Polfeldt said that the delay of Watch Dogs was “an important message” to the industry, and “tremendously important”.

PS4 o’clock news: The Last Of Us on PS4, The Division, Batman Arkham Knight & more

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at 11:18am March 28 2014
The Last Of Us Left Behind review spoiler free

PS4 o’clock news: The Last Of Us on PS4, The Division and more. Subscribe for more PS4 videos. This week’s PS4 o’clock news is jam-packed with info on Sony’s confirmation of The Last Of Us on PS4, in addition to the latest on Assassin’s Creed Unity, Batman Arkham Knight, PS1 & PS2 emulation and more.

New The Division screens & Snowdrop engine trailer show dead bodies in the street & amazing lighting effects

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at 11:34am March 24 2014
The Division new screens PS4

That there would be a pile of dead bodies rotting in the street. The first indication of just how bad The Division’s disease apocalypse set up has got. These new screens have come from a new trailer detailing the new Snowdrop engine behind Ubi’s beautiful but grim PS4 shooter.

New The Division images show off New York streets & plague hospitals

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at 12:48pm March 17 2014
The Division ps4 screens

A couple of new The Division images have appeared on the game’s Facebook page showing more of the new Snowdrop engine and what looks like a militarised hospital (the game’s set during an epidemic).

10 things you need to know about The Division

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at 12:04pm March 7 2014
New The Division screens PS4

Here to break through the enshrouding layers of mystery surrounding Tom Clancy’s The Division are ten of the ambitious next-gen shooter/RPG’s killerist killer features. After much deliberation, we decided against including ‘dat grafik’ in the list, pretty as a peach though it is.

New The Division screens show rooftop combat & beautiful HUDs

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at 11:46am March 5 2014
New The Division screens PS4

Look, a good HUD is to be appreciated right. And The Division’s in-world integration is a thing of beauty. I haven’t been this excited about menus since Dead Space. As well as this there’s some rooftop combat and a look at that incredible Snowdrop engine’s melting snow.

New The Division screens show off that amazing PS4 Snowdrop engine

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at 05:49pm January 21 2014
Devision ps4 screens

Ubi has been quite proud of its next-gen Snowdrop engine, what with the melting snow and fancy destruction. Now a few new The Division screens show of even more detail. Amazing, really fine detail. And gorgeous and particle effects.

New The Division screens show “the most realistic destruction system to date” say Massive

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at 03:24pm December 20 2013
The Division ps4 screen

A new blog post from the hive mind of the “The Division Dev Team” shows off some more of that amazing Snowdrop engine, including melting snow and “the most realistic destruction system to date”.

New The Division details – an always online, classless RPG with resource management

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at 12:36pm December 17 2013

A whole load of new info has appeared on PS4′s The Division detailing its classes RPG structure, always online co-op gameplay and tight resource management economy that sees food and water as valuable trading currency.

How The Division stole E3 on PS4 – Massive explain how it’s redefining co-op shooters

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at 10:16am December 5 2013
Tom Clancy's The Division PS4 E3 screens

You’re unveiling a new game – and a new IP, at that – at E3 2013. You’re announcing The Division on PS4, an online-focused shooter at a show that’s going to be full of them – think Battlefield, COD, and Destiny – made by better-known studios and backed by bigger publisher marketing budgets. What do you have to do to stand out? Massive’s Martin Hultberg explains.

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