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What can Activision do to revitalise Call Of Duty on PS4? The Official PlayStation Magazine debate

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at 02:34pm April 1 2014
Call of duty ghosts PS4 review

Call of Duty might still be one of the biggest games in all existence but there’s a cloud looming. Sales maintain their stratospheric numbers but have failed to reach peaks set by previous games, Black Ops in particular. Worse still there seems to be a growing resentment from gamers rebelling against it’s mainstream domination. So what can Activision do? Ride it out or reinvent its shooty cash cow. Here’s Team OPM to debate the options they think will work best for COD’s future.

What will be 2014′s Best game? The Official PlayStation Magazine debate

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at 10:00am December 31 2013
goty 2014

As the new year winds up to operating speeds the Official PlayStation Magazine team consider what could be the best game of 2014. There are a few possibilities and the gang all have differing opinions. Chances are you’ve got your own ideas so see what OPM has to say and then add your own input in the comments.

Are PS4 companion apps a fad or the future? The debate

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at 12:15pm December 10 2013
The Division second screen

With more PS4 games using companion apps and second screen stuff to expand on their worlds or add new features, the Official PlayStation Magazine team debate whether this new way of playing represents the future of PlayStation 4 gaming or just a passing phase.

What’s the greatest game ending of the generation? Official PlayStation Magazine debate

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at 11:50am November 8 2013
bioshock infinite

As PS4 looms ever larger on the horizon and the days of PS3 wane, the Official PlayStation Magazine team look back at the best game endings at the end of a generation. Obviously spoilers ahead so be warned.

Are ‘premium’ versions of games a shameless rip-off? OPM debate collector’s editions

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at 02:57pm October 10 2013
GTA 5 collectors edition

What side of the line do you fall on when it comes to special editions of games? Great value for the loyal fan or a shameless way of squeezing more cash from gamer’s pockets? Here are four of team OPM to weigh the merits of collector’s editions.

Does playing games on easy defeat the point?

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at 03:21pm September 10 2013
dark souls summoning

It’s an age old question: is playing games on easy cheating, or in someway missing the point? We ask four of the Official PlayStation Magazine time what they think of ducking under the default setting. Playing smart or defeating the object of the challenge in the first place?

Does PS4′s lack of backwards compatibility matter? Team OPM weigh up the options

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at 03:08pm August 12 2013
ps4 console

Does the PS4′s lack of compatibility bother you? Will not being able to play PS3 games on your next-gen box mean you keep your old PlayStation to hand, just in case you fancy a game of MGS4 for old time’s sake? Here’s four of Team OPM with their thoughts.

Debate: Will PS4 mark the last generation of boxed games?

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at 12:12pm July 16 2013
ps4 console

With the PS4 built for an online digital world and downloadable games becoming more and more prevalent, is the sun setting on boxed retail games? Let’s ask four of the Official PlayStation Magazine UK team what they think.

The debate: Does PS4 need more traditional RPGs?

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at 03:07pm May 24 2013
Square next gen engine

This time Team OPM debate whether there‚Äôs a place for next-gen role-players. Should classic RPGs fade away or could PS4′s new tricks be somewhere they should flourish and enjoy a renaissance.

The debate: Will the delay do GTA V a favour? We mull over the Los Santos sandbox’s September push

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at 12:58pm April 29 2013
GTA 5 wallpaper

With GTA 5′s release date set to September we consider if the delay will actually be a good thing for the series. Two of OPM’s best bang heads to decide whether waiting is wise or if the game should arrive NOW.

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