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Hands on with The Crew’s PS4 companion app – get you motor running

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at 10:55am December 16 2013
The crew companion app PS4

While it’s true that you should never text and drive, you’re definitely going to want to keep your smartphone or tablet close to hand when open-world racer The Crew launches early next year. Here’s how its car customising PS4 companion app works.

The Crew PS4 preview – 5,000 sq km of territory from two of racing’s best studios

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at 10:42am August 16 2013
The crew PS4 e3 screens

Open worlds are the new black. That much is obvious after watching Destiny, The Division and Mirror’s Edge 2 do their turns on the E3 show floor and, mindful of showing up in last season’s strawberry chinos, Ubisoft’s new racer The Crew falls bang on trend with an impressive 5,000 sq km of American roads, back alleys and rough terrain.

Is The Crew PS4′s biggest game? “Cannot limit” number of online players, 10,000km+ of road & “any mission that ever exsisted”

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at 12:28pm June 19 2013
The crew PS4 e3 screens

Them’s bold words. When asked about the number of players PS4 racer The Crew can support online, Ivory Tower COO Ahmed Boukhelifa says it’s “everybody” and there’s no maximum headcount. He also explained how a system of gameplay bricks enable developer Ivory Tower to “create any mission that ever existed within a driving game”.

The Crew PS4 E3 screens & info – Early 2014 release date. “Entire USA is your playground”

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at 07:22pm June 11 2013
The crew PS4 e3 screens

If Ubisoft can pull it off then The Crew will be the biggest PS4 game ever. That’s literally because this is promising, “a massive open world. The entire USA as your driving playground”. The experience also promises seamless online and RPG-style progression.

E3 2013: Ubisoft announce The Crew – next-gen racer takes place “in as big a videogame world as has ever been created”

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at 11:48pm June 10 2013

Ubisoft introduced new racer The Crew at its E3 press conference. The new IP is a persistent online racer, set in as “big a videogame world as has ever been created.

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