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The Cave PSN review – Underground adventuring way more fun than the Central Line

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at 04:32pm January 28 2013
The Cave PSN Ron Gilbert Double Fine

Between them, Tim ‘Psychonauts’ Schafer and Ron ‘Monkey Island’ Gilbert can lay claim to creating some of the funniest games on PSN – Deathspank, Costume Quest and Stacking to name three. So it’s no surprise that this collaboration between the pair – created by Gilbert for Schafer’s Double Fine studio – is packed with dark humour, from the moment the sentient cave of the title introduces each of its seven characters by taking the mick out of them, to its reminder, a few hours later, than you’ve basically achieved nothing by reaching its melancholic climax. At the outset, the joke is on the colourful cast; by the close, it’s firmly on you.

The Cave preview – can the Monkey Island master hit puzzling gold again?

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at 04:00pm December 12 2012

It’s not a platformer. It’s not a platformer. It’s not a platformer. Repeat that to yourself ten more times before reading on. Finished? Good. It’s vital you did, because despite outward appearances the new game from Ron ‘Monkey Island’ Gilbert is very much a pure puzzler. Any leaping and jumping and falling to your death (fret not, you reincarnate instantly) is merely a means of whisking you from one riddle to the next.

Double Fine’s The Cave announced for PSN. “Prepare to be disappointed!”

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at 02:21pm May 24 2012
The Cave PSN Ron Gilbert Double Fine

After a few teasing images and whispers Sega have finally annouced The Cave, a new adventure from Ron Gilbert and Double Fine.

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