Games are too long – give me a great one that lasts the length of a film over a good 20-hour adventure

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at 10:12am October 4 2013

Oh, hey there. I didn’t see you come in. Why don’t you sit down by the hearth so that we can have a little chat. A snifter of brandy, dear chap/chapette? Here you go. So, anyway, games last too lon… oh, you’ve spat your spirit in my face out of sheer shock and indignation. Cheers for that.

Journey art prints go on sale – numbered and signed by creative director Jenova Chen & art director Matt Nava

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at 02:30pm July 17 2013
journey art prints

Cook & Becker (“Next-gen Art dealers” apparently) has a series of official Journey art prints if you want to spruce up your home with images from the game. Each of the 10 images are authentic thatgamecompay approved, signed and look beautiful.

thatgamecompany’s new title “will more likely be on PS4″ is “very different from Journey” and may use touch controls

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at 04:48pm July 3 2013
journey insane beauty

thatgamecompany has taken to Twitter to answers questions, including the likelihood of its new game appearing on PS4, the chances of a Journey sequel and why its new title will be “very different” from the haunting desert trek.

Journey finally makes money as creator reveals thatgamecompany’s new title has been in pre-production for a year

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at 05:18pm July 2 2013

Huzzah to the shopkeep! PSN masterpiece Journey has just finally started to make royalties for thatgamecompany according to one of the studio’s founders, Jenova Chen. Oh, and work has been underway on the studio’s new game for almost a year.

Journey composer releases annotated score full of behind the scenes info & art

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at 10:54am March 5 2013

Journey composer Austin Wintory has posted the game’s entire score online as a Youtube video full of annotations and notes about the music’s creation. It’s a beautiful thing packed with info on the composition process and both concept and fan art from the game.

Journey makes history as first videogame nominated for a Grammy

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at 11:46am December 6 2012
Journey image for games that feel

[Hears the sound of an army of 'are games art' two stroke engines firing up.] Journey’s been Grammy nominated for “Best Compilation Soundtrack For Visual Media”. And a real Grammy at that, not some consolation ‘videogame Grammy’ spin off.

Why Journey should win the HMV Golden Joystick Awards downloadable gong

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at 04:52pm September 6 2012
Journey PS3

OPM staff writer Phil Iwaniuk explains his love for thatgamecompany’s Journey, and why it deserves to win Best Downloadable game at this year’s HMV Golden Joysticks.

Gaming meets its maker: Flower used in interactive church service

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at 05:00pm July 24 2012
flower church

Sing hallelujah for Exeter Cathedral. The 700-year-old Devonian church made history recently by holding a service that used PS3 game Flower as an interactive tool. Editor of Game People Andy Robertson (AKA Wired’s GeekDad) facilitated the event, and proved that videogames and church make for a surprisingly effective mix.

No Journey Collector’s Edition for Europe

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at 08:31pm June 26 2012

Sad faces all round. In a series of tweets Thatgamecompany have revealed there’ll be no Euro release for the Journey Collector’s Edition. They’ve said, “If we could release it in Europe, we would, but it’s not up to us.”

Journey Collector’s Edition released August 28th, features in-game commentaries

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at 05:44pm June 25 2012
Journey collectors edition details

The Journey Collector’s Edition Blu-ray will release in the US on August 28th for $29.99. As well as game commentaries it features documentaries, themes, wall papers, avatars, video diaries and a whole lot more.

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