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The Walking Dead S2 E2: A House Divided PS3 review – powerful yet passive entry won’t give you gamer’s thumb

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at 03:26pm March 26 2014
The Walking Dead Season Two Episode 2 A House Divided

Right, well I’m all conflicted now. On the one hand, The Walking Dead: A House Divided chugged along from a technical standpoint, fell foul once again of presenting me with pseudo-decisions and gave me less game than ever to interact with. On the other hand, I feasted on it like a macabre bargain bucket.

The Wolf Among Us: Episode 2 – Smoke & Mirrors gets screens ahead of next week’s release

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at 03:48pm January 29 2014
The wolf among us Smoke & Mirrors

After what seems like literally years, or at least last October, Smoke & Mirrors, episode 2 of the excellent The Wolf Among Us releases next week and continues the hunt for a serial killer knocking off exiled fairytale characters. More on Telltale Games The Walking Dead Season Two Episode One: All That Remains PS3 review The Wolf Among Us: Faith PS3 review – Fairytale of New York keeps Telltale walking…

The Walking Dead Season Two Episode One: All That Remains PS3 review

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at 11:49am January 15 2014
the walking dead season two

Just as the credits roll on Telltale’s characteristically brutal opening episode of a whole new season of episodic walker-bashing, art editor Milf walks into the room. “Have you… have you been crying?” He asks. There aren’t many games out there capable of orchestrating such a scenario.

Telltale Games working on Game Of Thrones according to rumour

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at 11:51am November 22 2013
Game of thrones

All the internet is saying Telltale Games are working on a Games of Thrones game, and now so am I. The rumours apparently stem from multiple mystery sources.

The Walking Dead Season Two announced – Clementine stars, 400 Days will “affect some elements”

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at 10:11am October 30 2013
The Walking Dead Season Two

Telltale Games has announced The Walking Dead Season Two with a release date of, “later this year”. The episodic sequel stars Clementine as, “a young girl orphaned at the outset of the undead apocalypse, now left to her own devices to seek safety and survive in a world gone mad”.

The Wolf Among Us: Faith PS3 review – Fairytale of New York keeps Telltale walking ahead

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at 12:31pm October 28 2013

Well, we can all feel reassured now. Reassured that Telltale Games isn’t going to go down with Nena and the Baha Men as a one-hit wonder, reassured that The Walking Dead wasn’t a freak occurrence caused by a localised electrical storm, and reassured that season two is likely to be a corker. But The Wolf Amoung Us’ dark fantasy tale is so much more than a zombie palette cleanser – it actually outdoes it predecessor at times.

The Walking Dead Vita released tomorrow in the US – new trophies & trailer

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at 03:27pm August 20 2013
The walking dead: 400 days PS3 review

Telltale Games’ community person Laura Perusco has announced The Walking Dead will be releasing on PS Vita tomorrow. There’s a trailer and a new set of trophies but no mention yet of a UK release.

The walking dead: 400 days PS3 review – five-way DLC keeps the apocalyptic appetite up

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at 04:24pm August 4 2013
The walking dead: 400 days PS3 review

The eyes are dry in the wake of the first season, but only just. And yet as soon as that emotional finale was over (no spoilers, but seriously: play it) we were craving more. More panicky QTEs, more heartfelt dialogue, more gut-wrenching choices to immediately regret.

The Walking Dead: 400 Days is coming July 10th

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at 11:48am July 2 2013
Walking Dead 400 Days

The next instalment of Telltale Game’s beloved episodic survival series is coming to the EU PSN in mere days. The Walking Dead: 400 Days isn’t the start of season two but rather a bridge between the first and second season’s stories, and it’s arriving on July 10th.

7 ideas Telltale Games could tackle after The Walking Dead. The TV shows, manga and books it could bring to life

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at 10:30am April 19 2013

Telltale Games quickly become one of the most highly regarded studios in gaming last year, with the release of the greatest downloadable series on PlayStation – The Walking Dead. Having successfully turned both that smash TV show and classic ‘80s film franchise Back To The Future into episodic gaming series, we offer up seven more telly faves we’d love to see the California-based studio bring to PSN at some point in the future

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