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Ted Price says Resistance was “brutally difficult to work on at times”. Insomniac to “continue experimenting with Ratchet”

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at 02:00pm February 14 2013
Ted Price

Ted Price has admitted that Resistance was, “a brutally difficult game to work on at times”. He’s also spoken about the future of Ratchet & Clank saying that Insomniac want “to continue experimenting” in the future.

An interview with Insomniac’s Ted Price part 2: Girl With A Stick, Ratchet, and guns

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at 11:21am November 6 2012
Ted Price interview Insomniac

Here’s the second part of an interview I did with Insomniac’s Ted Price where we talk about the PS2 part of the developer’s live. Ted talks about the problems behind Girl With A Stick (“It just wasn’t fun”) and overcoming that to then create Ratchet & Clank. We also chat about why crazy guns are so much fun.

Ted Price calls Insomniac’s Girl With A Stick, “my first significant failure”

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at 01:00pm September 27 2012
Girl With A Stick ted

You may not have heard of it but Insomniac once had a game codenamed Girl With A Stick. It never came out. Recently I had the chance to talk to CEO and founder Ted Price about why.

Insomniac Games’ Ted Price talks about making his first PS1 game, creating Spyro and… eh, working in medicine

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at 11:34am September 21 2012

Ted Price’s Insomniac Games is responsible for some of the most enduring series on PlayStation. In the first part of an exclusive video interview with OPM, he talks about building a games empire and the little purple dragon that started it all.

Ted Price talks about the birth of Insomniac, “We got rejected by every single publisher”

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at 01:00pm September 14 2012
Ted Price interview insomniac

I was recently lucky enough to visit Insomniac to get the latest info on Fuse, its new shooter. While I was there I also interviewed founder Ted Price about the company’s history from start to finish, including a lucky last chance.

Ratchet & Clank: QForce / Full Frontal Assault announced for PS3, winter release date

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at 05:33pm May 30 2012
Ratchet  Clank

Described as a “fun-sized Ratchet adventure” Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault will be available on the PSN “this holiday season” which is what American call Christmas.

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