More Dying Light PS4 gameplay – night time is the worst time

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at 10:42am December 18 2013
Dying Light ps4

More PS4 footage of Dying Light, this time showing some night time action which actually looks fairly unpleasant with its focus on running past crowds of angry zombies picked out in torch beams.

Dying Light demoed at 1080p on PS4 – whatever Techland say it *is* ‘Mirror’s Edge with zombies’

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at 10:59am December 9 2013
dying light ps4 screens

Techland used this year’s VGX to show a 6 minute demo of Dying Light running at 1080p on PS4. The gamplay showed a mix of Dead Island style zombie hammering mixed with some very fluid Mirror’s Edge-style parkour exploration.

Dying Light PS4 screens – the game everyone’s called Mirror’s Edge with zombies

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at 01:11pm June 17 2013
dying light ps4 screens

Honestly, they really are. When I first heard PS4′s Dying Light called “Mirror’s Edge with zombies” I thought it was the work of a wishful thinking PR, but our own dep ed Joel called it just that when he returned from E3.

Dead Island Riptide PS3 review – Set sail for a water world of hurt. Zombie sequel sadly potential rots away

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at 08:00am April 22 2013

You’d have thought Coolio would have taught me better, but two years ago, I kept spending most of life living in a coffin-dodger’s paradise. And I really don’t know why. Sure, Techland’s first zombie open-worlder had some sturdy melee scuffles, but it was also plagued with bugs, dull objectives and hateful characters. Now I find myself booking yet another holiday with the same unreliable, undead travel agent… and the package deal has only gotten worse.

New Dead Island Riptide screens show zombies, environments, unrealistic expectations of final appearance

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at 02:11pm April 9 2013
dead island screens

It says a lot when bullshots don’t look that great but will still over sell the final game. That said the original was still a guilty pleasure I played to completion.

Dead Island Riptide’s undead upgrade: “barricade-building and mines makes complete sense”

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at 12:47pm December 6 2012
dead island riptide new screens

Dead Island Riptide creative producer Anthony Cardahi has spoken about the zombi sequel’s new features which include new defendable hub areas, improved gun play and fresh zombies types.

New Dead Island Riptide info, screens and character – meet Morgan, he punches stuff

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at 06:08pm November 5 2012
Dead Island Riptide Morgan

New info on Dead Island Riptide has revealed a new weather system, tower defence-sounding booby traps and fence elements to hold of zombies, and fifth character called John Morgan.

Dead Island Riptide gets April 2013 release date & pre-order bonuses

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at 03:21pm October 30 2012
Dead Island Riptide release date and pre-orders

Dead Island Riptide will be releasing on April 26 2013 in the UK. As well as the release date publisher Deep Silver announced two pre-order editions with a range of weapon mods and character skins.

Watch the Call Of Juarez announce trailer for an old timey hanging

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at 10:52am September 6 2012
Call Of Juarez Gunslinger trailer

Following Call Of Juarez Gunslinger’s announcement, here’s a trailer to give you flavour for what the latest Techland cowboy shooter’s all about. Meaningful looks and hangings, evidently.

Call Of Juarez: Gunslinger announced as PSN download, returns to the old west

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at 10:27am September 6 2012
Call Of Juarez Gunslinger PS3

Ubisoft’s announced Call Of Juarez Gunslinger, a PSN game being developed by Dead Island Riptide devs Techland. Gunslinger ditches the modern day setting from the disastrous Call Of Juarez The Cartel, and will feature true life bandits of the old west like Billie The Kidd.

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