PlayStation win big at the BAFTAs – 5 awards for The Last Of Us & 3 for Tearaway

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at 09:54am March 13 2014

Sony made a killing at last night’s video game BAFTAs with five awards for The Last Of Us, including Game Of The Year and Performer for Ashley Johnson. Tearaway also scooped three awards including best Artistic Achievement.

Tearaway on sale until 26th Feb, 160,000 photos taken & 2 million papercraft models unlocked

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at 12:26pm February 24 2014
Tearaway review screens

In case you missed the fact that Tearaway is one of the best games of the generation, let alone PS Vita you can now grab it for £12.99 until February 26th. Media Molecule has also announced some impressive in-game stats.

The Last Of Us gets 10 BAFTA nominations, Tearaway has eight – here’s the full list

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at 11:55am February 12 2014

The BAFTA nominations are out and The Last Of Us has got ten. It’s basically in every category it can feasibly occupy. Similarly Tearaway’s nominated just about everywhere that makes sense, totalling eight in all.

Tearaway gets demo this Friday & brand new launch trailer

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at 11:47am November 21 2013

Tearaway’s is getting a PS Vita demo on Friday that’ll let you unlock the whole game if you like it and you will like. Here’s a Tearaway review to tell you why, and my own Tearaway preview. I loved it, that’s me up there in the sun.

Tearaway PS Vita review – Perfectly pressed platformer sends a bold message

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at 08:00am November 20 2013
Tearaway review screens

Media Molecule is a studio of many talents, but timing isn’t one of them. Just days before PlayStation 4 swaggers into living rooms up and down the country to a deafening chorus of applause and fanfare, Tearaway shows up on your dusty PS Vita, coughing politely on the off chance someone notices that it is, in fact, a rather magnificent platformer.

New Tearaway trailer explains community site, is heavy on beards

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at 04:30pm November 11 2013
Tearaway PS Vita trailer

In case you forgot in the midst of all this PS4 kerfuffle, Tearaway’s nearly here. Everything we’ve seen and played so far suggests it’s been more than worth the wait, and deserves a blip on your radar even among the next-gen Killzones and Assassin’s. Here’s a new trailer that explains the Tearaway.me community site which encourages you to make real papercraft models of Tearaways crinkly inhabitants. Be warned: there are more beards in this video than at a fire sale on vests in a northeast London thrift shop.

Tearaway PS Vita preview – happy happy joy joy

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at 02:00pm October 25 2013
Tearaway PS Vita preview

It’s hard to believe the PS Vita wasn’t made specifically for Tearaway. Such is its use of the machine’s extra bells and whistles it owns the hardware in away nothing else has managed to so far. It certainly shames all other attempts to shoehorn in a touchscreen version of some familiar function. It’s also lovely. Big stupid grin on your face lovely almost the entire time you’re playing it.

PlayStation Access: Behind The Scenes At Media Molecule

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at 03:09pm August 8 2013
tearaway access border flat

Hollie visits Media Molecule as part of YouTube’s Geek Week to find out what makes this very special development team tick, and get the latest on the upcoming Tearaway – a beautiful 3D platformer heading to PS Vita later this year.

inFamous: Second Son & TearAway release dates slip

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at 04:32pm July 29 2013
Tearaway ps vita screens

Both PS4′s inFamous Second Son, and Tearaway on PS Vita have suffered release date slips. The latter is bad news for Tearaway which will now almost certainly be coming out when PS4 is on sale.

Tearaway gets new screens & pre-order bonuses – sountracks, pigs & costumes promised

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at 11:08am May 22 2013

Some new screens here for Tearaway’s papery brand of loveliness, as well as details of pre-order bonuses which include that ridable pig up there because why the hell not.

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