Tearaway screens

Lovely Tearaway review screens pack in the happy. And pigs. And happy pigs.

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at 08:00am November 20 2013
Tearaway review screens

Okay, maybe slightly confused pigs. But it’s a happy confused. Go here for our Tearaway review if you want to know why it’s such an lovely games and possibly one of the best things on PS Vita.

Tearaway gets new screens & pre-order bonuses – sountracks, pigs & costumes promised

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at 11:08am May 22 2013

Some new screens here for Tearaway’s papery brand of loveliness, as well as details of pre-order bonuses which include that ridable pig up there because why the hell not.

Tearaway PS Vita screens – Media Molecule continue to be lovely

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at 12:00am January 31 2013
Tearaway ps vita screens

Here’s a bunch of Tearaway screenshots showing Media Molecules gorgeous PS Vita platformer in all it’s papery glory.

Tearaway is Media Molecule’s new Vita game: first screens and info

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at 08:38pm August 14 2012
Tearaway ps vita screen gamescom

Aww! Tearaway is definitely Gamescom’s cutest game – if you don’t agree, you must have suffered a lot of papercuts. It’s from LBP studio Media Molecule, and looks ready to make use of PS Vita’s functionality like no other game currently on the platform.

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