Syndicate PS3 review

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at 05:00pm February 21 2012
Syndicate PS3 2

EA’s Syndicate reboot is as closely related to the 1993 original as Flo Rida’s lyrical arsenal is to Dickens, and that’s no reason to hate it. It is reason to question the practice of dressing up an essentially new IP in an ancient franchise’s clothing, though. It’s in danger of alienating series fans by presenting a complete departure from the game they loved, and confusing new players by placing them…

Access Episode 21 on YouTube

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at 12:38pm February 20 2012
Access 21

Episode 21 of Access TV is now on youtube and is packed with big games and David Jaffe, swearing. Headlining this week is a look at EA’s slick corporate shooter Syndicate, followed by a peek behind the scenes of the new issue of Access Magazine, featuring athletic youths holding PlayStation Vitas. Also along for the ride: a look at the best stuff on the Store this week, interviews on SSX…

Syndicate PS3 video preview

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at 10:07am February 8 2012
Syndicate game PS3

Here’s Andy Kelly to talk you through his thoughts on the opening hours of Syndicate, the techy shooter from EA and Starbreeze. Pros: great future noir world, storytelling and characters. Cons: lack of depth, old fashioned game design and rubs boss fights. Overall, it’s looking strong though so watch the video which has loads of new footage and see what you think. 

Syndicate – new trailer shows guns, gear, explosions

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at 04:18pm December 1 2011
Syndicate PS3

If you don’t like images of people shooting things in future dystopias look away now. If not, soak in this new gun-heavy gameplay footage from EA’s upcoming revival of the classic Syndicate series in shooter form. It being the future and all, EA has a fair amount of creative elbow-room with Syndicate’s weapon design, and some of those weapons are looking ridiculous.

Syndicate screens – 28 shots of EA and Starbreeze’s future shooter remake

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at 05:14pm October 13 2011
Syndicate game PS3

Here’s a whole gallery’s worth of futuristic espionage action for you. Featuring shooting, Dart chip hacking and robo-ninjas. 

Syndicate video – Executive Search level

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at 04:36pm October 13 2011
Syndicate PS3 gameplay

There’s a new video out for EA’s updated Syndicate shooter. Called the Executive Search it has you invading a rival corp looking for stolen tech. Among some of the gameplay changing future gear on display is a digital camo system that makes you invisible to security systems. It also shows off some of the hacking you can do with the Dart 6 chip.

Syndicate announcement trailer

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at 01:54pm September 29 2011
syndicate PS3 trailer

[Update] You can see the latest gameplay for Syndicate over at GamesTrailers and hear from producer Ben O’Donnell. Christ, those guns look  meaty.  EA’s worst kept secret is finally out in the open with a trailer that shows off a Deus Exy world of corporate war, neural chips and swinging in through windows. It’s also embracing the dubstep bandwagon by getting Skrillex to score a theme, which you can grab through the Syndicate Facebook…

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