Street Fighter x Tekken

The 8 best Street Fighter X Tekken tag team finishers

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at 09:00am June 20 2012
Street Fighter x Tekken finishers

There’s always something satisfying about a good tag team finish in a beat-em-up. And when you’re fighting with a cast from two of the greatest brawlers ever there are some special moments to be had. Violent, painful moments.

Soul Calibur 5 developer interview: “My biggest regret is the story mode”

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at 04:05pm March 26 2012
soul calibur 5

We recently caught up with Soul Calibur 5′s director Daishi Odashima at the game’s EU tournament in London recently. In a refreshingly honest interview, he reveals his regrets over Soul Calibur 5′s single-player, thoughts on the future of beat ‘em ups and whether we’ll see Soul Calibur Vita or not.

Street Fighter x Tekken Ps Vita trailer

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at 05:06pm March 9 2012
street fighter x tekken ps3 review

More footage from today’s PS Vita Game Heaven event in Japan. This time it’s Street Fighter x Tekken. Again it’s all in Japanese but there’s plenty of footage, loads of characters and what looks like a touchscreen QTE activated attack. There’s also a brilliantly mental developer showing it off who ends up miming ’Hadoukens!’ as he plays. 

Street Fighter X Tekken PS3 review

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at 03:42pm March 5 2012
street fighter x tekken ps3 review

This is less of a dropping of nunchucks and an open-armed embrace between two diametrically opposed fighting series, and more like the cast of Street Fighter bundled the Tekken guys into a burlap sack and are holding them hostage for their own sick tag-team tournament. Fans of each franchise were worried that SF’s nimble characters and quarter-circle specials and Tekken’s sandal-wearing grapplers and four-button combos wouldn’t gel. Well, Capcom gets…

Street Fighter x Tekken PS3 video preview

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at 11:25am February 9 2012

Here’s CVG’s James and Matt to talk about Street Fighter X Tekken. They’ve spent some time with the game and have plenty to say about the balancing, if the crossover feels gimmicky and whether it stands up to the Street Fighter legacy. There’s also tons of new punchy footage.

Street Fighter X Tekken video guide

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at 11:55am January 30 2012

Here’s a Street Fighter X Tekken video of prodcer Yoshinori Ono talking about all the new features in the game. In it he explains new combat techniques and hands out a few hints and tips to make the most of the newer stuff. He also goes over the perk style Gem system, various tag team options and the 3 design principles they wanted to have: “casual fun, hardcore and customisation”. Most of…

Street Fighter x Tekken PS3/PS Vita get Pac-Man and Mega Man exclusive fighters

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at 10:52am January 27 2012
Street Fighter x Tekken PS3PS Vita Pac-Man and Mega Man 6

Because… Screw you that’s why. Mega Man is apparently based on his ‘bad box art’ incarnation (read: fat madman in a tight suit) while Pac-Man fights by controlling a big Mokujin like a mech. There are some pictures and video after the click which you should probably look at just to get the images out of your head.  

The Last Of Us new info in next Official PlayStation Magazine UK

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at 11:18am January 13 2012
Screen shot 2012-01-13 at 10.53.55 am

Official PlayStation Magazine ed Ben Wilson just tweeted a shot of the next OPM cover out at the end of January, with The Last Of Us star Ellie on the cover. The mag has a huge feature on the Uncharted 3 developer’s next game, including a studio visit to meet and interview Naughty Dog, so it’s packed with info to follow on from the The Last Of trailer debut at the…

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