Star Wars Battlefront

DICE tweet first Star Wars Battlefront picture… Kind of

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at 05:08pm January 24 2014
Star Wars Battlefront

DICE has tweeted a picture of its sound designers “debating over that perfect sound” as they watch AT-ATs in the Empire Strikes Back. EA announced the studio was working on a new Star Wars Battlefront in June. The new instalment is a co-collaboration between Sweden and Los Angeles using the Frostbite 3 engine.

Star Wars Battlefront EA E3 trailer & announcement – DICE developing new sci-fi shooter

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at 09:26pm June 10 2013

It’s been heavily rumoured since EA acquired the rights to develop games concerning all things a galaxy far, far away from Disney, and now it’s finally been confirmed: DICE is working on a new Star Wars Battlefront game.

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