Star Wars 1313

Disney kills LucasArts – studio shut but games like PS4′s Star Wars 1313 might be saved.

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at 03:15pm April 4 2013

Disney, who recently bought LucasArts, made their first major decision since the new Star Wars films: shutting the once legendary studio. Ah.

10 Questions with Star Wars 1313′s Dominic Robilliard

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at 05:05pm October 3 2012

We sit down with Stars Wars 1313′s creative director who tells us how cloud gaming is witchcraft and why it’s a good idea to get a degree in game design.

Star Wars 1313 Interview: Creative Director Dominic Robilliard on collaborating with Industrial Light and Magic

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at 01:02pm September 20 2012

We spoke to Star Wars 1313′s creative director Dominic Robilliard at Lucasfilm, California to find out what it’s like collaborating with the best special effects house in the business, ILM.

Star Wars 1313: we visit LucasArts to find out why the next Star Wars movie is a game

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at 10:03am September 13 2012
Star wars 1313

Welcome to Coruscant’s Level 1313, the sleazy hive of criminal activity playing host to a landmark moment in gaming. There are no Jedis here telling you that there is no try, and the closest things you’ll find to a lightsaber are the fluorescent lighting strips that illuminate the squalor.

Star Wars 1313 video interview: why ditching the Jedi makes a better hero

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at 01:00pm August 3 2012
Star Wars 1313

Here’s an interview with Dominic Robillard, Star Wars 1313′s creative director on building a “more grounded” version of the Star Wars universe. There are no no “demi-god Jedi” heroes here. Just a bounty hunter and his blaster.

Star Wars 1313 new E3 screenshots, PS3 listing spotted on GAME site

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at 02:45pm June 6 2012
Star Wars 7

These Star Wars 1313 screenshots from its E3 2012 showing are among the more impressive at the conference. What’s more, a GAME store listing suggests it’s coming to PS3.

New Star Wars game announced pre-E3: it’s called Star Wars 1313 and it’s not for kids

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at 11:11am June 1 2012
Star Wars 1313 PS3

LucasArts has announced a brand-new Star Wars IP, named Star Wars 1313. We’ll get full details at E3 2012, but so far all we know is that it’s an 18-rated third-person adventure which puts the player in the role of a bounty hunter and is set beneath the surface of planet Coruscant amidst a criminal underworld. So quite a lot, actually.

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