SSX PS3 review

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at 09:00am February 28 2012
SSX PS3 review

TRICKY, TRICKY, TRICKY! Boy, how I’ve missed those thunderous Run DMC-fronted words. The past nine years may have been good to PlayStation gamers, with a couple of amazing Metal Gears, a fantastic Rockstar western and three incredible adventures with a dreamboat fortune-hunter. But there’s been something missing. Chiefly, doing The Worm on a snowboard atop the world’s highest peaks to the beat of a fedora-sporting hip-hop act. Welcome back, SSX. 

SSX on PS3 “takes inspiration from Plants vs Zombies” says producer

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at 03:32pm January 23 2012

Check out this interview with SSX producer Todd Batty about SSX on PS3. While he talks about the new wing suit, and the fact that this game is bigger than all the previous SSX games combined it’s the mention of Plant Vs Zombies that really caught out attention. That’s… an odd influence. 

SSX trailer shows the return of Mac Fraser

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at 02:28pm January 10 2012
SSX trailer PS3

Things are heating up for snow-capped PS3 boarder SSX. We’ve been impressed by the gameplay, the snow effects, and now this new trailer reveals that series veteran Mac Fraser returns to throw some gnarly in the face of every gillet-sporting toff doing a season on the piste.

SSX preview makes for sexy snow

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at 03:28pm September 27 2011
SSX PS3 preview Official PlayStation

Snowboarding is all about cool. Without the attitude and personality that goes with the sport it’s just a bunch of overgrown kids risking their lives to slide down a hill on a plank of wood. And then go back up and do it again. Thankfully the SSX series has always encapsulated that sense of frozen fun, and our latest demo only showcased that further.

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