Watch 2 hours of Final Fantasy X HD on PS Vita – Japanese opening gameplay

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at 12:09pm January 2 2014
Final Fantasy X HD remaster E3 screenshots

Youtuber m00sicianEN has posted a two hour playthrough of Final Fantasy X HD on PS Vita. He’s playing the Japanese version of the game with the UK edition down for a March 21st release date.

Tomb Raider interview: “We knew we needed to change. Bows are sexy but the horse had to go”

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at 06:30pm September 13 2012

We recently had the change to chat to Karl Stewart, Crystal Dynamics brand director about all thing Tomb Raider. From coming up with the perfect reboot, treasures, bows and the horses you’ll never see.

Final Fantasy XIII-2′s worst monsters

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at 03:50pm January 30 2012

This isn’t a tips guide, okay? I cannot emphasis that enough for legal reasons. Nothing to be learned here. Instead this is simply the nine most pointless, ‘What the hell?!’ monsters you can recruit in Final Fantasy XIII-2. From glowing cats to ten foot chickens, it’s like the back page of God’s note book – the section labelled ‘needs work’. Click on to see what our resident Final Fantasy expert…

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