If Konami reinvents how football games feel, PES could regain the critical highground

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at 11:58am September 12 2013
PES2014 Bayern

Look, FIFA will likely be excellent on PS4, but PES has one key advantage – failure. Only a fool would bet against FIFA, but there was a time when you’d have said the same of Barcelona, Nokia, Kodak, Pete Sampras, and Medal Of Honor.

WWE 2K14 roster reveal: Goldberg, Razor Ramon, more confirmed for WrestleMania mode

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at 11:34pm August 17 2013
Hulk vs Andre WWE 2K14

Take Two has revealed the roster for its debut wrestling game, WWE 2K14 – and only a Baby Oil rubdown from Stacy Keibler would do a greater job of making grap fans new and old happy. (Er, unless they were hoping she’d be in it.)

WWE 13 DLC release date is 4th December

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at 03:43pm November 28 2012
WWE 13: Ryback

Good news, Ryback fans: wrestling’s newest main eventer will be winging his way to PS3 for the first time in WWE 13 next week.

FIFA 13 vs PES 2013 face comparisons: which looks better?

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at 10:27am October 4 2012

For most, the annual footy battle between FIFA and PES comes down to gameplay – but not for everyone. Some fans base their decision of which game to back purely on visuals, lest their long-term enjoyment be affected by the wrong gel being applied to Joe Hart’s hair, or Franck Ribery looking like a male model. For that reason alone we’ve put together this (literal) face-off between the pair – comparing the in-game likenesses of some of the greatest players on the planet. And Gervinho.

Konami: PES 2013 will “definitely” be the best ever, though some will be “worried about the level of control”

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at 01:00pm July 5 2012
PES 2013 PS3

PES 2013 team leader Jon Murphy is pretty confident that this year’s instalment of PES will be the best there’s ever been, and suggests that the freedom of control will have some players “quite worried.”

FIFA 13: What do YOU want to know?

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at 03:59pm June 1 2012
FIFA 13 PS3 screens

Tomorrow, editor Ben Wilson is off to E3, where he’ll be attending press conferences, playing new games and generally trying not to go insane. Part of that process involves our second hands-on with FIFA 13 – and we want to hear exactly what you’re keen to know about EA’s latest football game, with the results to be published here (in a Q&A format) next Thursday.

WWE 13 roster leaked, includes Mike Tyson

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at 10:15am May 31 2012
WWE 12 roster confirmed

This week THQ unveiled its latest wrestling game, WWE 13. What it hasn’t talked about yet is the full roster for the game – but we can reveal every name on it – including champion boxer turned number one looney, Mike Tyson.

FIFA 13: Tottenham Hotspur stadium is in

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at 12:40pm May 30 2012
White Hart Lane stadium to feature in FIFA 13

Last week was a miserable one for Spurs fans as they missed out on Champions League football by virtue of Chelsea winning the same competition – but there’s better news for them on the virtual field, as White Hart Lane is one of the official stadia included in FIFA 13.

How to fix FIFA 12 difficulty problems

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at 10:21am November 18 2011
FIFA 12 difficulty: the perfect fix

It’s a familiar gripe with FIFA 12: Pro difficulty is too easy, World Class is too cheaty. But if it’s one that has been causing you to beat the floor in agony over yet another last minute defeat, worry no more. We’ve found the perfect fix.

FIFA 12: The Harry Shovel Diaries – Part 3

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at 10:46am November 17 2011

Here’s the latest episode of Ian Macintosh’s inimitable FIFA 12 manager diary, which follows the plucky Southend gaffer’s trials and tribulations on his journey to… well, hopefully at least the Championship. Maybe even the Champions’ League?

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