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Splinter Cell: Blacklist PS3 review – polished prowling from the old man and the CIA

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at 05:00pm August 14 2013

However you feel about the Tom Clancy depiction of global politics – which likely depends on your proximity to the Bible belt and whether you thought Team America was an insightful documentary – there’s a profound and redeeming truth in Blacklist, and it’s that being Sam Fisher is really, really enjoyable. You may not want to vote as he does, but his considerable toolset and agile body make for a meaty stealth experience even bleeding heart liberals can’t resist.

Splinter Cell: Blacklist play style trailer – hurt people, kill people & kill people noisily

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at 04:32pm July 24 2013
Screen shot 2013-07-24 at 4

Or Ghost, Assault and Panther as Ubi call it. Basically non-lethal stealth, lethal stealth and screw it, shoot everything. Any of the options look strong to be honest and I’m increasingly liking the look of this more old school styled installment.

New Splinter Cell: Blacklist E3 gameplay – more plot details emerge in new trailer

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at 11:20pm June 10 2013

Sam Fisher resurfaced at E3 as Ubisoft revealed a new trailer for Splinter Cell: Blacklist on PS3.

Splinter Cell Blacklist multiplayer trailer – spies vs mercs are back

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at 04:22pm May 3 2013
Splinter cell blacklist spies vs mercs trailer

Here’s a new Splinter Cell Blacklist trailer focusing on Spies Vs Mercs, the series’ iconic asymmetrical multiplayer.

Splinter Cell Blacklist Abilities trailer shows off Sam’s key skills: stalk, strike and silence high in the agenda

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at 03:02pm April 15 2013
Splinter Cell Blacklist screens

Here’s a new Splinter Cell Blacklist trailer delving into secret agent Sam’s abilities as the head of Forth Echelon. Hanging from pipes is back and the catchphrase here is “stalk, strike and silence”.

Splinter Cell Blacklist’s director explains how Sam’s updating his game: “Stealth is not a nice thing. We took lessons from Hitman, Dishonored & the Batman Arkham games”

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at 03:30pm April 12 2013
Splinter Cell Blacklist screens

The funny thing about new Splinter Cell is just how much it looks like old Splinter Cell. Faster, yes, but compared to Conviction and Double Agent this is classic Sam Fisher – the gimp suit, the goggles, the killing every single bad guy in a level because you basically can. While game director Patrick Redding tell me, “We really see this as a consolidation of all the best ideas from the series”, it really does look like that means ‘we went back to the stuff everyone liked most’.

Splinter Cell Blacklist PS3 preview: Ubisoft Toronto “share authorship with the players”

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at 01:00pm March 6 2013
blacklist interrogation

Sam Fisher has always been better at snapping necks than spinning a yarn, and Splinter Cell: Blacklist’s creative director Maxime Béland knows it. “As developers we are making games – not movies,” he says on the subject of gameplay vs narrative in the latest espionage-tinged sneak-’em-up from Ubisoft Toronto. “This means we share authorship with the players. There is no reason to make a game without letting the player express themselves.”

7 reasons why Splinter Cell: Blacklist is the comeback Sam deserves

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at 10:17am February 5 2013

It’s hard being a spy. All that world saving and not being able to tell anyone. After a few experimental reboots with Double Agent and the non-PlayStation Conviction mixing up the black ops formula Splinter Cell Blacklist is both a return to form and a new start. Here’s why it’ll put Sam back on top.

Splinter Cell: Black list release date delayed to August 20, pre-orders now available

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at 05:28pm January 16 2013
Splinter Cell Blacklist screens

A new Splinter Cell: Blacklist ‘Inauguration’ trailer has announced a new release date of August 20. There’s no explanation why.

Splinter Cell movie has permission to star Tom Hardy

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at 10:28am November 15 2012
Splinter Cell Blacklist screens

Tom Hardy will star in an upcoming Splinter Cell movie to be penned by The International screenwriter Eric Warren Singer.

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