Spelunky PS3 / Vita review – The sound of the underground

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at 03:52pm September 19 2013
Splelunky PS3 Vita review

Confession time: I have never made it past the second of Spelunky’s tricksy four worlds. I have died quite literally hundreds of times. Injury comes thick and fast, and there are plenty of things here that want to make you dead. I’m still having nightmares about all those giant bastard spiders.

Spelunky releasing on PS3 on August the 28th

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at 12:52pm August 20 2013
spelunky hd ps3

Gluttons for platform-based punishment prepare for Spelunky as it arrives on the EU PSN next Wednesday the 28th of August. It’s a procedurally generated treasure hunt that’s that’s known for creating a new challenge every time you play.

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