Soul Sacrifice

Soul Sacrifice PS Vita review – It’s a (killer) kind of magic but what makes Keiji Inafune’s take on Monster Hunter a hit?

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at 08:00am April 30 2013
soul sacrifice PS Vita review

They may not be blockbusters in the Uncharted or Killzone mould, but Vita is steadily building up quite the impressive library of quality, somewhat under-the-radar titles. We’ve had Virtue’s Last Reward, Persona 4: Golden, and now Soul Sacrifice, which takes familiar tropes from the monster-hunting genre and turns the looting on its head in a gorgeous, impressively deep package.

Soul Sacrifice gets custom red PS Vita bundle and March 7th release date

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at 01:03pm December 3 2012

Keiji Inafune’s monster battling Soul Sacrifice is getting an impressive looking custom PS Vita and bundle ahead of its March 7th release date. It’s Japan only so far but have a look and say you don’t want it.

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