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Sony says The Order 1886 is “coming later in the year”, tying with previous Autumn release date

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at 12:38pm January 30 2014
The Order 1886 ps4 screen

Sony UK MD Fergal Gara has mentioned The Order 1886 as “coming later in the year” matching a previous Autumn release date suggested by tweets between Sony Santa Monica and Ready At Dawn.

New The Order 1886 screens appear showing combat against…things

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at 05:25pm January 28 2014
The Order 1886 ps4 screen

It seems like a few new The Order 1886 screens snuck onto Sony Santa Monica’s website at some point. The new images show the Knights battling things on the streets of London, which apparently looks like a West-end production of Oliver in this game.

The Order: 1886 getting an Autumn release date according to Sony & Ready At Dawn

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at 12:18pm December 2 2013
the order 1886

Looks like The Order: 1886 is heading for an Autumn 2014 release date according to a couple innocent looking tweets between Sony Santa Monica’s director of technology and Ready At Dawn’s founder.

RetroStation: revisiting minotaur craft in God Of War 2

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at 10:13am November 25 2013
God Of War 2

Each month we celebrate the most important, innovative or just plain great games from PlayStation’s past. This month we drop in on everyone’s favourite constantly irate immortal, as Kratos looks to reverse his fate in a monumentally murdery sequel.

Sony Santa Monica working on “unannounced” open world game

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at 11:38am November 20 2013
sony santa monica

Sony Santa Monica currently has a job listing for a, “Sr Level Designer” with experience in “open world level design”. The information points to something on PS4 with a free-roaming feel, mentioning terms like, “ambient gameplay” and side missions.

Flower, flOw, Sound Shapes & Escape Plan coming to PS4 as cross-gen Cross-Buy titles

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at 03:32pm October 16 2013

Flower, flOw, Sound Shapes & Escape Plan will all be coming to PS4 as cross-gen Cross-Buy titles says Sony Santa Monica’s external creative director Nathan Gary. The offer applies across all formats so if you’ve already bought them, congratulations you now own your first PS4 game.

God Of War team “transitioning to other projects at Sony Santa Monica”, PSN release coming

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at 03:10pm October 14 2013
God Of War Ascension single player screens

Not that you knew it but until recently the God Of War Ascension team were still working on the game’s multiplayer, adding DLC and balancing gameplay. As of the 11th that all stopped with no more content being made as, “primary team resources start to transition to other projects at Sony Santa Monica”. In short the GOW: Ascension devs are starting new games.

God Of War 2′s Barlog back at Sony Santa Monica & working on something, “freaking huge”

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at 11:15am August 12 2013
5 Kratos

Cory Barlog, former God Of War 2 director is back at Sony Santa Monica and working on something, “freaking huge” that will, “live up to the standards that I helped establish here at SMS. God Of War on PS4 seems a bit late to be starting so get that out of your heads right now.

The Order: 1886 screens show new PS4 technical… stuff

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at 12:26pm July 29 2013
The Order 1886

Two very technical The Order: 1886 documents have appeared online going very in-depth in to the next-gen tech creating the game on PS4.

A history of Sony Santa Monica – Sony’s big hit making & indie incubating studio

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at 10:07am July 12 2013

Sony Santa Monica is one of PlayStation’s best and most ambitious studios, stretching from Triple-A hits to indie wonders. Crucially its incubation program has seen it working as a guiding force helping numerous smaller studios like Ready At Dawn, Giant Sparrow and thatgamecomany. We look back at its history and it’s most significant releases and collaborations.

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