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Concept art for Sony Liverpool’s canned PS4 spy game appears

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at 02:59pm February 1 2013
Sony Liverpools PS4 spy game

There’s a very Ian Gibson/2000AD feel to this concept art which is purportedly for one of the now defunct Sony Liverpool’s PS4 launch games.

So long Studio Liverpool and thanks for all the Feisar

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at 10:08am August 23 2012
Thanks for the memories

Sony’s announcement of the closure of Studio Liverpool marks the end of an era for PlayStation. An era that spanned three home consoles, top-quality games, and – for the PlayStation brand – 17 years of wonderful gaming. The iconic Wipeout series continually set a technological benchmark throughout that period while the studio and their games are in the DNA of every PlayStation gamer, making the news of their demise as sad as it is shocking.

Sony Liverpool was developing PlayStation 4 launch games

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at 03:43pm August 22 2012
Wipeout 2048 PS Vita

Following on from the closure of Sony Liverpool this morning it’s emerged that the studio were reportedly working on two PlayStation 4 launch titles.

Sony Closes Wipeout dev Studio Liverpool

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at 11:43am August 22 2012
Sony closes Sony Liverpool

Reports are coming in that Sony has closed Wipeout dev Studio Liverpool. More as we get it.

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