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PlayStation Plus Feb line up: Sleeping Dogs free for subscribers

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at 03:21pm January 28 2013
Sleeping Dogs

Sony have revealed February’s PS Plus goodies for subscribers. Sleeping Dogs is the main PS3 attraction, along with F1 Race Stars, Quantum Conundrum and WipeOut 2048 for the PS Vita. There’s also a 30% discount for the 90 day membership.

Sleeping Dogs Zodiac Tournament DLC screens & info

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at 02:55pm December 17 2012
Sleeping Dogs Zodiac Tournament DLC screens

Sleeping Dog’s Zodiac Tournament DLC is the game’s second story-based expansion and is due for release tomorrow on the 18th. It sees Wei Shen as he goes undercover in Enter The Dragon style fighting competition.

12 deals of Christmas offer 5 is up – Sleeping Dogs for £15

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at 01:02pm December 10 2012
PSN deals 12 deals of Christmas

The latest Deal of Christmas is up and it’s definitely worth a look: Sleeping Dogs for £15.99, The offer’s up until midnight on the 10th. If you’ve not got it already then that’s a pretty good deal.

Sleeping Dogs getting ALL the DLC this Christmas

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at 05:06pm November 13 2012
Sleeping Dogs DLC Dragon Master Pack

Remember when United front said they were planning 6 months of Sleeping Dogs DLC? They really weren’t kidding. Somewhat nebulously dated for “the holiday season” are 5 different packs filled with stat buffing costumes and cars.

Sleeping Dog’s publishing troubles “gave us a year to polish and tune”

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at 01:00pm November 13 2012
Sleeping Dogs True Crime Hong Kong

According to Sleeping Dog’s producer Dan Sochan getting dropped by Activison allowed developer United Front time to make the game what it was on release. He also says, “You really need that additional time to come out with something really polished”.

Sleeping Dogs producer says Square “believed in this game as a potential franchise”, 6 months DLC planned

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at 02:07pm October 29 2012
Sleeping Dogs' zombie DLC North Point

In an interview with producer Dan Sochan about Sleeping Dogs’ upcoming Nightmare at North Point DLC, Sochan has admitted they have 6 months of content packs on the way, including some that, “Explore aspects of Hong Kong cinema, and others that are a little more serious”. He’s also spoken about the studio’s relationship with Square Enix saying, “They believed in this game as a potential franchise from the very beginning”.

Sleeping Dogs’ Nightmare in North Point DLC trailer – Chinese zombies, check. Wait, wut?

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at 04:00pm October 19 2012
Sleeping Dogs' zombie DLC North Point

Here’s a Sleeping Dogs’ DLC trailer to help explain how an open world crime game has managed to squeeze in the undead. The answer seems to be ‘screw you, that’s why’.

Sleeping Dogs’ DLC Nightmare in North Point is all about Chinese hopping vampires

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at 04:00pm October 19 2012
Sleeping Dogs' zombie DLC North Point

Yes, that’s a thing. In Chinese folklore the Jiang Shi are a kind of reanimated corpse, not quite a vampire or a zombie but a bit of both. They’re also the star of Sleeping Dogs’ first DLC.

Sleeping Dogs October DLC – More choices than a Hong Kong buffet

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at 05:27pm September 21 2012
Sleeping Dogs DLC news

It ain’t over till it’s over and due to some story extending DLC Wei Shen’s story isn’t over yet. Hitting the PSN Store throughout the month of October is a bunch of DLC with more extras than a Hollywood blockbuster.

Sleeping Dogs PS3 video review – is this open world crime spree worth picking up?

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at 12:57pm August 17 2012
Sleeping Dogs PS3 review

Here’s a fine meeting of minds for you: OPM editor Ben Wilson discussing the finer points of Sleeping Dogs with OPM online editor Leon Hurley. Like Plato and Socrates debating the essence of matter, but with more sprays of uzi-fire and roundhouse kicks.

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